Friday , May 7 2021

Do you already know where to travel on your vacation? The summer flight offer is growing

National and international airlines have increased in the past few weeks for traveling to international destinations before reducing the percentage of occupations compared to the same month of 2017, according to the analysis presented at the location of the flight search, airplane promotion.

"With the foot in the accelerator, airlines play their latest maps to fill already scheduled flights and try to get passengers to collect suitcases and go to the world," he said. Matthias Mute, co-founder of the first Argentine website that gathers all the right flights.

The Executive Director added: "This is a trend that will deepen in the coming weeks, especially for the end of the year and the summer season, where we will begin to see good offers for traveling abroad."

Among the offers discovered on the site, the hotel Rio Rio de Janeiro is included, from February 8 to 15, the total value per person of $ 18,616, offered by the Atrapalo Argentina platform. "As for the rate, during these days, we could find promotional rates (even for the year) in dollars lower than last year. Most of these, despite the exchange rate, are still attractive," he said. Tomas Devescovi, Product Manager of Atrapalo Argentina. (Telam)

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