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Due to supply problems, vaccines for meningitis may be lacking in the private sector – 23.11.2013

The year ends and It's the second time that the vaccine against meningitis is news. Now it has been recognized by the laboratory that produces it in Italy The supply is bad, which affects reservation in the private market. However, already in August, the then Ministry of Health of the Nation decided to suspend its application to boys aged 11, except that it implies a violation of the official vaccination procedure.

It was a common factor a theme of supply and logistics that strives for failure. It expresses this statement with whom he shared Clarin GSK, a production lab Menveo, the commercial name of the vaccine against serotypes A, C, V and I meningokokusa, which in three doses are applied to babies of 3, 5 and 15 months: "GSK faces Reduced flow of vaccine lot relays from the production plant in Rosia, Italy. We estimate that at the beginning of December 2018 we will begin to regulate the offer. "

They got the situation from the lab affects only "supply in the private sector". On the other hand, the Secretariat of the Government of Health of the Nation is indicated to those who need it they can apply it in the public sector. They were convinced they had enough vaccine to cover the demand of both sectors.

On the other hand, this week the information from the La Plata newspaper has been overcome Day, where it was stated that the vaccine is missing in various vaccinations in La Plata. In this regard, the Secretary for Health of the Nation said that in any case this could be due to the specific problem of distribution, but that the vaccine is not lacking in the public sector.

In addition, health messengers took the opportunity to point out the successful decision they made last month, somehow "anticipating" unforeseen events like they have now decided to leave in pause using Menvea for boys aged 11 years, who, because they did not receive meningococci, when they were babies, should have been administered as a single dose at that time.

It is true that the date of regulation of this suspension is not known. At a time when the issue aroused discomfort in health workers' associations, although health authorities insisted that no decision would be affected.

They said that, due to logistical problems in the provision of the vaccine, they realized that they would not come to the end of the year with the necessary doses, so that They had to give priority to risk groups, or babies, because 11-year-olds and adults are considered "healthy carriers" of the meningococcus. The purpose of protecting them with the vaccine, then clarified, was to create some kind of "population shield" for the care of the most vulnerable groups.

After this decision, the family of an eleven-year-old girl with Asociacion Civil AJUS contacted the Department of Justice to request a meningitis vaccine for her daughter. Federal court no. 2 La Plate issued a collective ban and ordered the re-establishment of a vaccine for all children of this age group in the province of Buenos Aires, something that has not yet come into force.

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