Sunday , January 29 2023

Excursions to Dubai, visits to Ferrari and family unity: the intimacy of the Rijeka team at the World Cup in the club


The phrase pronounced, under a sigh, one of the footballers while walking on one of the beaches that 200 metersand from the city center Shangri-La, where is the campus A river in Abu Dhabi "If we were waiting for the final against Real Madrid, they would not have a crazy afternoon"he said, with a strange mixture of relaxation and sadness for the match, he lost on Tuesday Al Ain, in one of the semifinal of the Club World.

Indeed, the establishment Millionaire it is divided into three parts that will be conducted on Thursday United Arab Emirates: some, like Jonathan Maidana, Lucas Pratto, Milton Kasko i Jorge Moreira, they decided to work 130 kilometers go for a walk by car Dubai, seductive city if there is; Others, say Gonzalo Martinez i Camilo MaiadaThey left Ferrari World, one of the main attractions Abu Dhabi; and others Leonardo Ponzio, Ignacio Fernandez e Ignacio Scocco, they preferred to stay with their families to drink relatives on the sand overlooking the mosque of the city and the water Persian Gulf, eye 600 meters concentrations.

A drop in voltage is also observed in the technical body it commands Marcelo Gallardo, aware that the most important thing (commitment at the end Libertadores before Mouth) has already happened and that the contemporaries meet earlier Al Ain punishments, completely changed the goals in Club World. A river he wants to beat him on Saturday Kashima Antlers match for third place, but knowing that victory will be like raising the flag on a national day and that it will turn it down Mundialito – the Spaniards call it – in a forgetful episode that will not cover history in any way.

For this, Gallardo and all his co-workers went to see Real Madrid's victory of 3-1 on Wednesday against the Japanese national team, but on Thursday they decided to relax a bit and, for example, go out to see the mosque Abu Dhabi or sit for a coffee that thinks about the sunsets from the hotel pool, with a look at the film: the sea, palm trees and the city lit in the background.

Plans for Friday are identical after training in court Armed Forces of Abu Dhabi: walk around the city, travel to Dubai or family gatherings because many are here with their loved ones.

The soccer goal at the World Cup in the club was in the background from the moment in which Enzo Perez he missed a sentence that condemned the series against an unknown and surprising Al Ain, who already left the road Team Wellington, from New Zealand, and Esperance, from Tunisia.

The team now wants to play earlier Kashima Antlers and come back Buenos Aires to celebrate getting the fourth Libertadores history, earlier Mouth, along with people in Monumental Sunday afternoon, he comes from Arab Emirates. The celebration at the stadium will be the last commitment that the school will have before the holidays, and this will last until January 5th to start preseason in Punta del Este until 17 that month.

After a year in which he had "high guard " almost permanently, A river He went down Arab Emirates after the sporting goal is set in the background. Between tunics, luxury and turbans, he lives a much lesser experience than anyone who expects a club.

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