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Fabian Rossi confessed to the judge that he had a double life in Panama, behind the back of Ilijana Kalabra


Fabian Rossi, ex-husband Iliana Calabro and the father of his two children, Nicolas i Stefano, filed in a lawsuit against businessmen Lazaro Baez for alleged money laundering. And after pretending to explain his court situation, he finally discovered what many suspects were: I've run a double life in Panama behind the background you know. "I had children, had a wife, had a department, I had an account"he said.

Rossi also spoke of his intention to return things in his life to the way he was, before he was publicly involved in a cause that included Leo Farina, known as the Way of Money K. "I lived in the same place for 15 years, married for a woman he loved more than 20 years ago, with a reputation, image, name. Unfortunately, I've lost everything and I hope we will recover in this debate … I know it's all impossible, but that's my wish. "

Fabian Rossi's speech in the judiciary (Video: IouTube)

But Rossi admitted that, thanks to Iliana, and the exposure of the media, ShovMatchThey managed to achieve greater success in their business. "2006 was a key year in my personal marketing when I became 'El Rossi'"he said, almost as if he were speaking at the show.

"That year Ilijana participated in a competition that I do not think anyone stops to know: I'm singing for a dream. I He won He said. I followed her in all the programs and this gave me an exhibition that is difficult for me today to say, favored a lot, because I used this knowledge of people. I worked in marketing and advertising a whole series of mysteries was generated: "Ah, the one on TV …". And yes, he served me for my job, in companies where there is a cult of exhibition, parade, television and others. It has greatly improved my job"

He considered that the decisive glory – and acquired indirectly – was crucial. "That's where I decided to build a professional and personal future in the region, and I sold 95% of my company's capital. Only I sold it to the same people who produced the summer theater Ilian in Mar del Plata, the same business group. This returned me more. "

That's what Rossi said Federico Elaskar he asked him to organize a meeting with celebrities. "It was summer of 2011. I followed (in Iliana) in my season to Mar del Plata and she says:" Fabi, I want to go with some friends in Mar del Plata, I want you to book a hotel, and I want to organize dinner with the cast of the theater. "Well, that's what happened, I booked a hotel at Guemes Street and organized that dinner. None of the actors missed. And that's what I realized that he wants (from Elaska) my work. "

In the dialog with Angels morningIlijana Kalabro said he preferred not to talk about his former, since he promised his children not to mention it publicly. "I wish those guys were asking the same thing: do not talk"He even complained about his claim about the legal statements of the employer." Then they come to ask me and it's hard not to talk. If it generates, it's hard …", Warns Ilijana.

Ilijana Kalabro decided on Fabian Rossi (Video: "The Angels of the Morning", El Trece)

"I already played, it would be good to let him lose, I let go and I'm very happy"she added a daughter Juan Carlos Calabro, and warned that he had not seen the testimony Rossi presented to the judiciary in the criminal proceedings known as the Road of Money, but only some parts that his sister, a journalist, had drawn from him. Marina Calabro. "I know that He apologized, but it would be good if he did it five years ago"added the jury Tribune Guida.

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