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Facing the son of an ophthalmologist convicted of abuse: "We felt deceived" – December 22, 2018.


Santiago Bustince, a young man who has reported torture on Twitter with his brothers and mother for the abuse of his father, spoke of his "relief" after the arrest of an ophthalmologist, which fell on Friday afternoon. Avoid prison for almost five years.

"I have mixed feelings: on the one hand, a huge rage in justice and, on the other hand, a relief, after so many years of struggle, that I have to come to this point in order to feel the pressure of justice and make my job unimaginable. a system that protects abusers and harasses victimsSantiago said on December 12th on social networks that Justice Fernand Bustince, a renowned ophthalmologist from the Kilmes area, was being held away from prison.

After a general rejection of his neighbor and family friend, this Friday he was stopped by a police province at his home in Fincas de Iraola, Berazategui. Within 12 years that have elapsed since the filing of the appeal repeated violations of their children and although the conviction was tripled, in particular, Bustince was arrested for violating the perimeter limit.

"We easily crossed once a week, he lives in the same settlement as we, I saw him last Monday, he makes faces for me, laughs at me, plays football, my brother (17 years old) crossed the gym and a pale wine, crying , my sister (16) rushed her with a car. We watched him all the time and we felt we were mockedSantiago added.

In a conversation with TN, the boy said that his father "never" was forgave because "his head was very dark," although he admitted that he would "not forgive him".

"We have been silent for years, we did not publicly announce before, because my sister did not feel ready, she was very strong for teenagers, but with the condemnation of Thelma (Fardin, against Juan Darthes) she gained the necessary strength. The patrol is strong, sad and embarrassing we have reached this point, "he continued.

Fernando Bustice, an ophthalmologist, was arrested for sexually abusing and raping his children.

Fernando Bustice, an ophthalmologist, was arrested for sexually abusing and raping his children.

According to the words of the young man, his grandfather and his aunt (Bustince's father and sister), who are judges and lawyers, collaborated so that the case would remain "exhausted for so long".

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