Saturday , February 4 2023

Fassi confirmed in Chile that Palacios "has signed a contract with Talleres"


Andres Fassi it is confirmed Sebastian Palacios will be back Workshops. After several hours in which Rosario Central entered into the dispute for the striker, the president of the T confirmed that he would return to the kindergarten kindergarten.

"Palacios has already closed the contract to return to Talleres after being in Pačuka and therefore will not be able to go to U. In the case of Aldo, it is most likely that he will go to MLS, because no one from the U did not invite him to have him, "said Fassi. Graph of Chile.

So, it not only confirms the arrival of Palacios, but also does not define the future of Carlos Kuintana and Aldo Araujo, the two who would not follow the next semester.

It should be remembered that three players asked Frank Daria Kudelk, current coach of the University of Chile.

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