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For Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio, it was "relieving" the defeat of the river against Al Ain – 12/20/2013.


Victory This and that is the only question, at least in the minds of some people who practice or are the followers of this sport. It's hard for someone to understand defeat as relief, much more when it's a very important game. However, this appears in the universe of the head of this multi-champion river.

Relief It was Rodolfo D & # 39; Onofrio drop on Tuesday against the modest Al Ain Emirates in one of the World Cup semi-finals. How? Yes. "I'm not sad. I would like to win and play finals on Saturday, no doubt, but I took weight because now I can again celebrate the victory against Boka, "the president assured in an interview Radio Network

From the luxury of Shangri-La's luxury hotel in Abu Dhabi, the leader has expanded to the sensations that have driven him away in recent days, from the Superfinals in Madrid and those who followed him after defeating them on Tuesday.

"When we arrived in Al Ain we felt that we had already won what we had to win, but he must pretend he was focused on the game the other day and Saturday. Now, simulation. I am here, I drink with my friend, turn to this magnificent mosque (Shaikh Zayed Mosque), "he said.

Dino Onofrio thought something similar happened to players led by Marcelo Gallardo: he said that they lack "to be mentally fresh" after winning the "most important river that the river has won in its history."

Although the Gallardo team is still ahead of the party that will define the third place of the World Cup club (Saturday at 10.30 am against Kashmi Antlers at Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi), the president's attention is already in Buenos Aires.

"We are preparing for the big game of the 23rd, it will be a great day in which players, leaders, coaching staff and fans will celebrate these Copa Libertadores that cost us so much, and it's a great pride we have," Said D & # 39; Onofrio a party that will be held on Sunday at Monumental.

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