Tuesday , March 28 2023

Former associate of the Messi Foundation has canceled the deviation of money in the tax sports Sport


It has been four days since the request of Argentinean economic prosecutor Pablo Turan has been announced to investigate alleged money laundering Messi Foundation, including the role of Lionel Messi and his father Jorge.

Progonor is seeking to investigate the fate of donations received by the organization, while the case of Judge Gustavo Meirovich. The prosecutor's motion was dismissed Federico Retoni, former associate of the foundation.

Ole reports that a former official gave information and gave money from the Messi Foundation redirected to tax districts. Retonies would show their disagreement with the leadership of those in charge of NGOs.

When he did not hear in the foundation, the former associate decided to file a complaint with the authorities. It's real a new court mess that complicates Messiah, who was convicted in Spain of fines for tax crimes.

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