Thursday , May 19 2022

Frances Tiafoe explains how to play against Raphael Nadal


Frances Tiafoe he was a victim of power Rafael Nadal. The American played against Manacor for the quarterfinals Australian Open and beat him the number two ATP rnking I blame 6-3, 6-4 and 6-2. After defeating Spaniard, a young American promise gave a press conference to express his feelings after a game that was played in Rod Laver Arena.

"It was very difficult, he is a hellish player, his ball has incredible effects, I thought that the crazy way the ball was biting, since the court was a little slow, and that did not allow me to do more damage to my feelings that I played with a good rhythm in some sections, but as soon as he did it, he raised the level and showed me how comfortable he was, "he began to describe in detail the born in Mariland.

After that, Frances noticed that she never felt comfortable on the track. "I knew he would lead me to the limit, he knew he had put the game in a crazy strength, he knew everything that the ball would bite when he hit his ride and knew that if he allowed him to dominate, he would burn me." I saw someone who could lock his rival like he did with me today, the positive thing I got was that I sometimes felt competitive in front of a player of his size, "said the 21-year-old.

However, the number 39 ATP rking clearly showed that "Nekt Gen" will have its moment of glory when the best players in the ring decide to leave the discipline: "Frankly, these people are at a high level but will not rejuvenate. We must continue to improve and wait for our moment because we arrive, you lie if I did not tell you to look at what others are doing Obviously, I am afraid that Stefanos Tsitsipas has entered the semifinals, and I do not, but there is a very good relationship between us and Super is to be a part of this group. "

Finally, Tiafoe said that this game means a lot of learning for the future career of professional tennis players. "I learned that I have to go concentrated from the very beginning, I always broke the service in the first games of each set, and I have to always go after him, it is impossible to wait for a player's fault in this category. After playing this match against a legend like Rafa was also seen by another sports legend, such as Rod Laver, I tried not to run too much because the track is very big, but Rafa always kept pressing me to play the ball. His level of play is brutal, I hope that it will keep it for a long time, "concluded Frances.

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