Tuesday , May 18 2021

From Conicet to the Guest Foundation, scientists jumped to Gisela Barreto

"The first order is the extermination of the entire population This extermination is vaccine, which appear as something that cures and treats us. However, vaccines are part of our death"Gisela Barreto said in the editorial program of her program" Faith moves mountains ".

Last week they had already been the subject of criticism and ridicule for thefts against anal sex and a rare comparison with the glass. But now scientists have not forgiven her because she vaccinated her.

Dr. Gabriel Rabinovich, member of Coniceta and one of the most important scientists of our country, directly qualified "unbearable" that someone speaks this way in a communication medium and encourages, contrary to what it says, death.

The headquarters in Argentina of the World Health Organization, without the title of the publishing house Barreto, went out to defend the vaccination.

Leandro Cahn, Executive Director of Fundacion Huesped, did not even dare, and he recalled Vaccination is right.

Adding irony, Cahn later said: "And remember, VACCINES CAUSE A CAUTION, T-shirt that says."

Vaccination campaigns

In the meantime, both from the world and from local organizations, strong warnings have been made to observe compulsory vaccinations. In the last two years, outbreaks of disease that practically did not exist again, and in all cases, are associated with vaccine deficiency.

This week, the secretary of the government for the health of the nation warned more than 750,000 children between 13 months and 4 years, that is, 27% of the total, an additional dose of smallpox and reddening vaccines has not yet been given. The vaccination campaign will end on November 30th.

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