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G20: Arrested two Argentine indictees to be associated with terrorist groups


Source: Archive – Credit: Ricardo Pristupluk

When only two weeks to the Summit of Heads of State and Government


, which has uncertainty in the world, two Argentine nationals charged with allegedly associating with "Colombian terrorists" have been arrested on the orders of federal judge Rodolfo Canicobo Corral, official sources have said.

Arrests, agreed in a case that has been upgraded by the Ministry of Security for several weeks, happened last Friday, two days after Great Britain
issue a warning or "advice" to those traveling to the country about possible "non-selective" terrorist attacks in places with tourists.

A warning from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has declared a major crash in the Argentine government because it was considered inappropriate and without sufficient grounds. Anger has deepened in recent hours, admitted without any division within the Macrist administration.

The cause of the conflict is that the statement was surprise by the Argentine authorities because they were issued by the British without prior notice, despite the fact that the matter was considered in some days by a reserved route between the two countries, explained in the Government.

Sources consulted by LA NACION found that Canicoba Corral himself requested information from the British about detainees.

As for the suspects, whose identity is kept in reserve, there were information that other countries would be able to trust because of the international contacts held by the detainees.

Before ordering the arrest, the judge intercepted e-mails and calls from the accused and ordered raids to find evidence of links to Colombian violent groups, although the degree of these links is still unknown, as is the operational capacity of the detainees.

English delay

In the Government, especially in the Ministry of Security, which leads

Patricia Bullrich

, it's endless and the bad mood that made the ban is growing. In the street portals of Gelli and Obes, they hoped that the English government had already dropped a warning or, at least, made a statement that it relativized it.

The frustrated expectation of the officials of Argentina is based on the fact that during the weekend they told the British embassy that the suspects had already been detained, they thought that this was a sufficient reason for the correction.

In previous interviews, local authorities explicitly requested time in English prior to publishing any warnings regarding an investigation conducted by Canicoba Corral, according to acknowledged Argentine and British sources.

On the night of last Saturday, dissatisfaction was unofficially manifested to diplomatic legitimacy by Argentine officials. In a phone call, they asked that the "travel advice" (travel advice), as officially called, be abolished or modified.

For now there is only one promise of updating and possibly correcting the statement by the English office.

"We keep all our recommendations for travelers (travel advice) under constant review and periodic updates to ensure that we update the risk assessment," a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said before consulting with the LA NACION. There is no obligation of immediate compliance.

In any case, British sources in London said that it was not ruled out that in the coming days (apparently before the G20 meeting), the British government would make a statement expressing confidence in Argentina in terms of security and terrorism. It would try to mitigate the impact it caused and restore the normality of the connection, regardless of the bureaucratic time that is applied in these cases in order to change the official reports of the office.

Directness G-20

The proximity of the world leaders' meeting in Buenos Aires leads to an additional element of concern and discomfort in the Argentine government, as the international view has already begun to be established on the ground.

The sensibility that the forerunners of street violence woke up during those summits, as seen at last in Hamburg, was extreme before he warned of a thesis issued by the British Britons.

The current text on the website of the Foreign Ministry says literally: "Terrorists are likely to intend to carry out attacks in Argentina, and attacks can be non-selective, including places frequent from migrants or travelers."

By arresting two suspects, at Casa Rosada and the Ministry of Security, they hope to begin deactivating the alarms that the British shot at an unexpected spot and that appeared on the entire planet.

There is much that the government expects and participates as a G20 guest. How not to be disturbed with the English commie and her unwillingness to correct them.

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