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Get involved in the TC: they made an attack on La Plata in the case of trout trophies – 23.11.2013.

Running Roberto Muras from La Plata, located on the 49th kilometer of the Juan Manuel Fangio highway, occurred on the ground this morning on the orders of federal Judge Kuilmes Luis Armele, after a huge expense of "trout counts" that so far has avoided a tax of around 5,000 million песоса. The procedure was conducted at the headquarters of the Argentine Automobile Club – operating in the sports arena – by AFIP and the Prefecture staff.

According to research conducted by the end of 2016, when the case started, until now this multimillion fraud was organized by an illegal association dedicated to false electronic accounts of more than 3,500 public and private taxpayers, including municipalities, state agencies, trade unions, and – burial here racing corridors for sports legs.

Accordingly, in a work carried out in Mouras, agents sought documents that would enable them to determine whether they were responsible among the leaders of the Association for Travel Tourism (ACTC) or pilots, given the suspicion that it was almost impossible to transfer this forward without permits of authorities and corridors.

In the case of motorsport, researchers believe that the pilots worked as a bridge between the gang that made apocryphal invoices and several companies that sponsored their cars. These companies received trout accounts and managed to avoid taxes from them.

Leaders of the band, identified as Claudio Gomez and Heber Russo, were prosecuted. Since its inception, the case has recorded more than 200 raids across the country.

In April of this year ACTC headquarters also suffered the same case.

It should be noted that there is La Plata running activity, since the date of the forecast of the year TC Mouras is assumed.


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