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Gustavo Iankelevich spoke about Juan Darthes and sexual harassment in the world of entertainment – December 21, 2018.


Gustavo Iankelevich He talked about it Juan Darthes, with whom he worked in 2017 as the producer of the theater performance "Lo Prohibido", and sexual harassment in the world of fun.

Statements Gustavo Iankelevich were in the program "Light Plan", Radio Brisas, in Mar del Plata, a town where, in the summer season, it represents "Sugar", plays Laurita Fernandez.

In a relationship with Juan Darthes – The actor is charged Thelma Fardin that she raped her when she was 16 years old Calu Rivero maltreatment when they worked in "Sveet love"-, Gustavo Iankelevich He said: "We are working Darthes in the theater. I did a job called "Forbidden," where he worked with Alejandro Radano. He was a great professional. He was a gentleman. The truth is, I have nothing to say about him from the time he worked with us. Cal's thing was already there, but nobody knew. And when all of this happened, I said: "I met a guy who was really a professional as a professional. And it is a shame that he had these attitudes and that personality.

Gustavo Iankelevich He added: "I listened to her Calu Rivero in the report, and they said, "Why did you say that after so many years?" This is what usually asks each of the women who come out today to tell the hard times in their lives. And she said, "I had to cure myself." And the truth is that for those who have not gone through it, it's hard to say what to heal. Healing is the shovel that you have inside and you want to remove it, because you feel better. She did it. And that's very good.

A man of great experience in the art medium, Gustavo Iankelevich He said it was always safe Calu Rivero he did not ask the press with his condemnation, as some doubted. "She got something very strong inside," she thought. " Gustavo-. And now, from that girl, women began to pull out what they had been trying for so many years. "

After clarifying that harassment "exists in all activities and that it is not just something from the media," Iankelevich admits that "there are many in the show." "Or it was a lot," he added, "and I hope there is no more, that the people who are working on it are serious and responsible."

Too, Gustavo Iankelevich encourages women who claim to have suffered sexual or harassment to do so by "name and surname", to say who was harassing them.

Asked about the attitude Adrian Suar, who at the time decided to keep Juan Darthes as the protagonist of "Simone" (El Trece), Gustavo Iankelevich He considered that the producer of the band did the right thing. He said this: "He (Suar) said:" It was running, we talked about Cal … But I hired him and with what right I pulled him out of the program, if there was nothing legal? "

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