Tuesday , January 31 2023

Horhe Rial announced to marry Romina Pereira: "I found an ideal woman"


As a couple a year and a half ago, Jorge Rial he announced that he would marry nutritionists Romina Pereiro, with whom he formed a family. She's a little mother Violet and Emma while he is a father Rocio and Morena, which is pregnant and expects the first child.

"It was a weird year, heavy, but the balance is very good because I consolidated my partner with Romin, we joined the family, we went to live together. At last I found the ideal woman, we were perfect", he synthesized his relationship with Pereira.

"This year it was good to come home and your family is waiting for you, it supports you, takes care of you, it's different to be alone.or I entered the stage where I was looking for quality of quantity. Time is precious than silver. Time is spent, and you can not recover it, the willow comes and goes, "the journalist analyzed.

For this reason, he thinks that the great year of 2019 is to appeal to Romina Pereiro with marriage: "I think the wedding would be the result of all this, not because I believe in paper or not, but because it is symbolically good for everyone"he explained.

"It will also matter to our daughters. To feel that we are a family"added Horhe Rial.

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