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How to download Christmas stickers on VhatsApp


Thursday, December 20, 2018 19:16 |

The Merri and Bright collection is made up of illustrations with Christmas motifs that are distinctly different from traditional ones.

In October, VhatsApp added labels to an offer that they already had from emoji, which consist of funny pictures that share with contacts.

The application has just added a package of these Christmas related tags and it takes only a few minutes to download them to your device.

The collection is called "Happy and bright" These are illustrations by a young Spanish designer and illustrator Miguel Angel Camprubia, which includes drawings of reindeer, Santa Claus, trees, gifts, ornaments, dancing and celebrating people, as well as other drawings perfect for sending with congratulations and congratulations.

But this is not the only option VhatsApp offers for Christmas: they can also be downloaded "Christmas labels", which weighs only 16 megabytes, is free and includes emoji of the same theme; same "Christmas stickers for VhatsApp" about "Xmas Stickers", which has a huge catalog; "Christmas Stickers and Emoji for VhatsApp", is another option that weighs 12 megabytes with the difference that the phone requires for storage of labels and the "Ks-Mas sticker for VhatsApp", with 16 megabytes of weight.

Step by step how these pictures are on the phone

Step 1

Enter an application and select a chat, however, just download it. Go to the emoji icon and icons at the bottom: one is to search, the other is emoji, one that reads "gif" and one of the squares with a corner folded. In the second case, you must press to go to the VhatsApp store.

Step 2

The box icon contains labels that are downloaded to your mobile phone. In the upper right corner there is a circle with the plus sign (+) inside. By pressing it, you will be directed to the sticker store. One of the first options is "Happy and bright", charming drawings of people who, among other things, embrace, dance, toast, eat, snowmen, Christmas trees. Touch the download icon, wait a few minutes and that's it.

Step 3

Once the above procedure is complete, the labels are already on the phone. To use them, look for them in the square-square icon.

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