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How to properly hydrate on a bicycle


Real hydration prevents problems that result from the loss of fluids and mineral salts through sweating, especially the conditions of the athlete's work, because it is essential to learn how to drink optimally so as not to end suffering from an ever-worn bikini driver and other more serious problems.

When exercising a physical exercise, hydration plays a key role. In order to improve hydration, more performance is implied as a "better" optimum way to drink than the amount of liquor that is drunk. How to properly hydrate? Fulfilling five simple rules of very easy assimilation:

1. Drink from the beginning of the effort: Dehydration starts from the moment the person leaves the bed and can get worse for very different reasons. From the beginning of a physical training session, an athlete can lose up to 1 liter of fluid per hour, which is essential to starting binge from the beginning of the effort.

2. Do not drink more than 10 centiliters at the same time: the greater the amount of absorbed liquid at one time, the longer it takes to empty the stomach and less efficient rehydration. The best way to hydrate on a bicycle is to make two drinks (maximum) with a groove full each time (5 to 10 centilitars).

3. Drink regularly: Learning to drink regularly, especially when the temperature is high, is essential for maintaining performance. As a general rule, you can continue with a drink of 5 to 10 centilitre (mouth full) every five minutes, and never overwhelm for 10 minutes without drinking, even if the feeling of thirst is lowered or the temperatures are pleasant low.

4. Learn to drink at training: Proper hydration is something that can be achieved only on the basis of experience, which is the training that is performed on a bicycle best scenario for learning to master the supply of water that every body needs. Training and hydration are the best acceleration of physical performance.

5. Combine aqueous and mineral salts: When a long-lasting physical effort is made, the body loses a large amount of fluid and mineral salts through sweat. In this case, only hydration with water is insufficient, and it is necessary to resort to drinks and isotonic preparations specially designed to ensure water and energy consumption necessary to maintain optimum performance.

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