Wednesday , May 25 2022

If you have a Fiat Argo, Cronos or Iamaha KSTZ 125 motorcycle, you must take them to an emergency revision


The National Consumer Protection Directorate has reported that the damage was found at Iamahina KSTZ 125 units and Fiat's Cronos and Argo cars. As they say, the product shortcomings they represent can cause a "collision risk". In both cases, companies recommend presenting in the official technical services for inspection and correction, for free, the problem.

The National Consumer Protection Directorate has distributed warnings presented by the Iamaha Motor Argentina SA itself and Fiat Chrisler Automobiles Argentina SA for faults in the vehicles in question.

In the case of motorcycles IAHAMA KSTZ 125 "included between serial numbers 029101 and 030700," it was found that the fuel tank "could have an opening higher than the specified standard" which could produce this "in case of sudden braking of the units will leak fuel."

Therefore, in the event that it is the owner of the aforementioned vehicle, the company has informed that it will perform "audits and, if necessary, adjust in the upper fuel filler opening in its distributor network".

When it comes to FIAT's cars, Cronos and Argo, the government agency pointed out that in both cases, a fault was found during the welding of the electric steering wheel interlock. This can generate "split pieces and an unexpected loss of control over the vehicle on the move, increasing the risk of collision, by exposing drivers and passengers to possible disadvantages."

In the same way, they have noticed that owners must contact the brand's representative to request change and check units, at no cost.

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