Thursday , February 9 2023

In Argentina, discover the remains of a dinosaur that was unknown


A group of Argentinian and Spanish scientists took great surprise after discovering in the city of Zapala, located in the Argentine Patagonia, the skeletal remains of a new type of dinosaur, estimated to have inhabited the planet more than 110 million years ago. years

According to information published by local newspapers, Rio Negro, this new species is named Lavocatisaurus agrioensis and named "Alfredo", in honor of Uruguayan singer Alfredo Zitarrosi.

This dinosaur belongs to a group of sauropods and, as explained by paleontologists, this species was inhabited by what was the desert area of ​​Argentina.

"Not only is the discovery of a new species at a site where we did not expect to find fossils, but even the skull is practically complete," said an Argentine scientist, Jose Luis Carballido, the paleontological museum Egidio Feruglio.

It was also reported that it was an adult specimen 40 meters long, while it is known that the young people were about 23 meters.

"Although it is estimated that this group of sauropods could be adapted to move in fairly arid environments, with low vegetation, low humidity and little water, it is an environment in which fossils should not be sought," Carballido concluded.

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