Friday , May 7 2021

In the human brain, a previously unknown structure was discovered

In the brain of man, you saw a previously unknown structure

In the human brain he discovered a previously unknown structure. It is found in an inferior cerebral stem, close to the area where the brain connects with spinal cord.

Structure, called an endorestiform core, linked to an area that receives sensory and motor information from the body. It affects your attitude, coordination and movement, according to

Probably the endorestiform core, which is a group of neurons, plays an important role in this process. However, before that, as experts say, the conclusions about their purpose are completed.

"Inferior cerebellar stems can be compared to a river that carries information from the spinal cord and brain stem in the brain, and the lake endorestiform is an island in this river," said the discovery of its author, neuroscientist George Pakinos of the Scientific Research Institute of Australia.

To detect the structure that is managed by an innovative method using color elements. It makes it possible to clearly assign different neurons to their functions.

It is interesting that the entities of such endorestiform nuclei are still unknown in animals, especially primates. The scientists suggested that the structure could be responsible for fine motor skills – so the monkey will not learn to play the guitar as a human.

Researchers intend to learn more by studying the human brain using MRI and comparing it with the body of the chimpanzee (considered to be the closest relatives of man).

Earlier, it was reported that the large-scale DNA testing showed an acceleration of the evolution of modern humans.


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