Sunday , January 29 2023

In the midst of Adriana Suar's visit to the program, Marcelo Tinelli confirmed the date of the return of "dance"


(Video ShovMatch – El Trece)

It's the classic of all finals Dance, though, given the return ShovMatch on the screen this year, is becoming a growing obstacle for 2019.

Is it outside the tone of the joke that usually dominates the visit? Adrian Suar on the floor of the program, Marcelo Tinelli He used his presence to improve the return date for the next year.

"We confirmed, say something that I said before the program is over, on April 8 we are in the air"he convicted the driver.

"Last year you said the same, "manager" chicaneo " El Trece program, or Marcelo It has ratified the commitment. "The following year, the day before, I doubled the bet, after" Argentina, the country of love and revenge "into which we entered," he promised. Tinelli.

Of course, before there was no lack of classical travel between them. "First welcome, it is very important for us in this last program to have your presence. This is a very important endorsement for high channel authorities here for this latest program. They came in very little, because we started on September 3rd, we ended up in December, as if we had seen it last week, but here we are, "they received with humor Marcelo, who then, in a joke, asked for the happiness of the balance which will end.

"It was the year that struggled, it succeeded. I've had years gone, for all those who say I have a worse year. Did you see when the ball does not bend or enter? These are difficult times, but a lot of work, "Suar explained laughingly.

"The truth is that we are very fortunate that we are on the El Trece screen, we are preparing, with the entire LaFlia team, we are already preparing what will be 30 years on TV with a great celebration that we have to do from April next year," shrugged San Lorenzo.

"It's true that it's very happy. Above the joke, this is a channel that really is missing when you do not have it. We always ask you to come earlier but out of the iodine we are working for you because you are part of this El Trece family and all those people who follow us for so many years, in good times and in bad weather, that faithful public who has this screen, we always talk privately trying to best serve the people, we always put our hearts on. But very happy for 2019, I know that very nice things will come, "he concluded. Suar.

"And I. We are very happy that next year we will again appear on the screen of El Trece, and thanks to you for support and love always"closed Marcelo, who did not miss the opportunity to charge him Chueco for his sympathy for God.

"It's difficult, but Bottle is still the biggest, and football always gives priority," he defended Suar between laughter.

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