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John Deere, dedicated to "the best manufacturer"

John Deere, a company that connects machines, people, technology and intelligence with each of the solutions that it offers, received the La Nacin-Banco Galicia Award for Agricultural Excellence in the category "The Best Producer of Agricultural Machinery" last night, which is to distinguish 60 years of continuous production and investment in the country.

John Deere invests globally $ 4 million a day on research and development, leading to increased productivity, cost savings, operational efficiency and better customer management. In today's Big Data and Internet stuff era, the company has innovated in software and remote communications integrated into its teams, with cloud and telemetry management and precision operations.

"Acceptance of this award is very satisfactory for John Deere, a company that has been producing uninterrupted production in Argentina for 60 years and always following the Argentine area, confident in its potential", expressed Gastn Traitenberg, president of John Deere Argentina.

"In recent years, and especially in this case, John Deere has substantially confirmed its commitment to the national industry with new production lines, the expansion of the factory, the opening of the Spare Parts Distribution Center, the Training Center, and this is a source of pride and gratitude for this value for this From John Deere we continue to work with an Argentinian manufacturer, with great expectations in the future fields in our country, "Traitenberg added.

John Deere began production in Argentina in 1958 when it opened its engine factory in Baigorria Grenadier. However, a solid history that unites the company with the land moved in 1894 when the first agricultural machines were commercialized. At present, John Deere has a factory of engines, tractors and combines, the Center for the distribution of spare parts, the Training Center and more than 820 direct employees. In addition, it works with a wide network of 26 sales outlets in over 90 outlets across the country.

In Argentina, the long-term vision of the company was expressed in the maximum potential in 2018, with corporate announcements and commercial launches aimed at providing complete and increasingly efficient solutions for Argentina's manufacturer and contractor.

History of John Deere 2018

Motors As part of the 60th anniversary, the company ranks its investments and new technologies, in favor of Argentine farmers. The year has started to celebrate a new milestone: production of the number of 300,000 engines.

Models produced in Granadero Baigorria range from 2.9 liters (3 targets); 4.5 liters (4 feet); 6.8 and 9 liters (6 cylinders), which cover the power of 44 hp to 365 hp. They are used in tractors, combines, construction equipment, as well as for the production of electricity and irrigation. These engines meet the environmental requirements demanded by customers in Brazil, which is a very important challenge that the company has managed to overcome.

Products John Deere has introduced new 5E Series tractors with an optional original cabin, specially designed to provide greater safety and comfort for all operations. The new 5082E, 5090E and 5090EH, now with a cab, are ideal for livestock and spraying.

These new models offer enhanced visibility of front loaders, as they have a roof hatch and a panoramic view. They have joystick and VCS devices, facilitating the connection and use of the instruments. In the 5090EH model – ideal for fumigation tasks – the cabin with an activated charcoal filter provides greater protection to the sprinkler operator. Models that make up the series are also economical due to their low fuel consumption; and robust for simplicity and resilience to all types of terrain.

In the year when the company celebrates 60 years of continuous production in Argentina, it announced the nationalization of the 7J Series tractor, confirming its commitment to industry and Argentine nature.

The 7J Series has been developed to deliver excellent field performance to meet the demands of highly productive and efficient agriculture. This line of tractors, ideal for planting, is equipped with JDLink technology and an automatic pilot system, in an effort to meet the increasingly demanding needs of the Argentine manufacturer. The new series of tractors consists of three models, 200, 215 and 230 hp. Through nationalization of the 7J series, John Deere covers a segment that goes from 45 hp to 230 hp with equipment from the Argentinian industry.

As far as combines are concerned, the S series of national industries spends 17% less fuel per hectare, allowing for the collection of between 2 and 4 more hectares per day, and for its efficiency, it takes 55% less time to adjust.

In Argentina, John Deere products:

The engines are struggling with 3, 4 and 6 cylinders, from 44 to 365 horsepower.


– 5E series. Models 5045D, 5045E, 5065E, 5075E, 5076EF, 5082E, 5090E.

– Series 6J. Models 6115J, 6135J, 6150J, 6170J, 6190J and 6210J.

– Series 7J. Models 7200J, 7215J and 7230J.

Series S. Models S550, S660, S670 and S680.

Platforms: 2 families of products, total 5 models:

– Flexible platform for cutting with belt or canvas (FlekDraper)

– flexible platform for cutting with synchronous pipes (FlekAuger)

Innovation John Deere has launched an operational center, an innovative data management solution and better decision-making. It is an online platform that allows the manufacturer and performers to see, analyze, archive and share agronomic information about the series and equipment, providing data in a simple format for accessing both computers and mobile phones or tablets.

With remote access to the monitor, it is possible to recognize a machine that works better on the ground and replicates its configuration with the rest of the equipment. Another important advantage is the ability to provide proactive support from specialist dealers, who can alert you to possible disadvantages and guide operators for a quick solution.

Innovation and productivity efficiency. Ultimaker 3 printer arrives at John Deere in February and allows the creation in a very simple way of a piece whose geometric complexity will require more processing, optimizing time and resources in the production of tools, devices and prototypes.

With 3D printing, the process by which 3D files turn into a physical object, many constraints are eliminated at the design stage and for prototypes and finishing pieces. After the training received by the production team and two weeks of testing, the printer currently prints almost 100% of the time, mostly prototypes.

Every piece produced by 3D printers includes time-saving for managing, ordering and delivering with the supplier. Through 3D printing it is possible to have one piece of day for another when the supplier lasts about 10 days for production and delivery. In addition, the cost of the printing material is negligible compared to the cost of production of the same piece by traditional methods.

Some of John Deere's DNA are associated with the rapid deployment of new technologies and innovations to create and maintain competitive advantage. Designing and manufacturing new assembly devices is one of the responsibilities of the Department of Production. 3D printing is a new technology that in a blunt way solves many complications associated with the prototype of new devices.

Investments and new markets. John Deere signed a final purchase agreement from King Agro, a private company that manufactures carbon fiber products, based in Valencia, Spain, and a production plant in Campana, Argentina. This transaction provides John Deere users with the opportunity to further utilize King Agro's unique knowledge, design and experience in carbon fiber technology.

John Deere also signed a definitive agreement for the purchase of PLA, a private company that produces sprayers, light bulbs and specialized products for agriculture. PLA is located in Argentina, with production facilities in Las Rosas, Argentina and Canoas, Brazil. Purchasing PLA enhances John Deere's commitment to its users as John Deere continues to provide the equipment, technology and innovative and profitable services to enhance the productivity of its customers.

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