Thursday , June 24 2021

Luciano Castro broke down when he remembered the gesture Diego Maradona had with himself and his family – Paparazzi magazine

Luciano Castro was one of the guests at PH We can talk and chatting with Andi Kusnetzoff, the actor recalled the years of friendship he was with Diego Armando Maradona.

In the nineties, the actor and the football player created a great relationship that Castro greatly appreciates. “If there was one thing I remembered about him, it was all. It’s very strange to be with Diego. I traveled and was with him. What was natural for Diego was not natural at all, for both good and evil“Commented the model.

And then he pointed out to the great person that Maradona was with him: I still have the gestures he had with me, that I might have expected from someone else and had them with me“.

Also, the actor recognized generosity Claudia Villafane and Guillermo Coppola at that stage of their youth.He was very young and he was blurred because he was with Diego, but he also watched all the people around him and I definitely took care of a lot“He explained.

I all have fond memories of Christmas which we all went through, which was very nice for me. I keep it as a shared memory at any time, but not the greatest“He said with eyes full of tears. And pointed out,”Diego did what he wanted, but also what he could“.

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