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Macri hid the entrance to Olivos from Magnetto, journalists, judges and prosecutors

Government Mauricio Macri hid the visits of Quinta de Olivos in the middle of Lavfare from judges, prosecutors, journalists and the executive director of Grupo Clarin, Hector Magnetta, among other multimedia directors. The maneuver is revealed by comparing the obtained entry records Discovery with partial and imprecise material provided by the macro management Citizen Power when the NGO requested, through a request for access to public information, to provide him with a copy of the records of entry into the presidential residence. The omissions reveal the significance of these visits for Macri. Not for nothing: they discover the gears of persecution that started in the age of changemita.

Mauricio Macri and Argentina without a pilot

In 2018, faced with the Cambiemos government’s refusal to provide documentation, Citizen Power filed a request with the executive, which finally “responded incomplete list of people and with irregularities”, As stated by the NGO at the end of January 2019, when it published the material. It is not clear by what date it covers the list of entries supplied by macrismo. “They never clarified that,” they pointed out in Poder Ciudadan. As he managed to reconstruct Discovery include revenues for 2016 and 2017 (this was the original order). And everything indicates that it contains, at least in part, the meetings in 2018, since the payroll was known in 2019.

Among the omissions discovered by this medium When comparing payrolls, the following stand out: Magnetto’s, but also Clarin’s other CEO, Jorge Rendo. That of chamberlains Mariano Borinski and Gustavo Hornos (Magistrate Mariano Llorens entered in 2019 after being handed the list). This is attorney Raul Plee. These are the journalists La Nacion, Joaquin Morales Sola and Carlos Pagni, as well as the No. 1 and No. 2 newspapers Clarin, Ricardo Kirschbaum and Ricardo Roa, in a row.

He revealed “court” absences Page 12 this Saturday, when he performed “Operation Olivos” on the cover under the title: “Traces of Lies”.


Below are some of the names that Makrismo hid during the surrender to the Civil Force a list of trout with those who entered Olivos.

-General Director of Grupo Clarin, Hector Magnetto

On July 17, 2017, at 5:45 p.m., Magnetto met with Macri in Quinta de Olivos in one of the many conclaves held by Grupo Clarin shareholders, managers, bosses and journalists with the chief executive between 2015 and 2019. As reported in this media, on the same day, Judge Claudio Bonadio arrested Victor Manzanares, Cristina’s former accountant and Nestor Kirchner. A day later, Clarin’s cover was: “Kirchner’s accountant is being arrested for trying to avoid a court embargo on funds.”

Magneto returned to Olivos February 5, 2018 and July 4 of the same year. But Macri did not include him in the payroll forwarded to the NGO it required material.

-Directed by Clarina, Jorge Rendo

He was in Quinta de Olivos on October 25, 2017.

– Judge Mariano Borinski, a member of the Federal Criminal Cassation Council, who confirmed the emblematic cases of prosecution.

The chamberlain registers at least 15 receptions in Quinta de Olivos. According to the documents you accessed Discovery, most of the time he played rowing, tennis or football. His first reception was on August 11, 2016. That year, he visited the presidential residence 6 times. In 2017, that was at least twice. In 2018, he returned twice. The remaining five were in 2019. At all times, the maid had in her hands the causes of great political influence and interest in Macri. He has always ruled against indicted Kirchner leaders, such as current Vice President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

Among the various causes in which he participated were: the reopening of the complaint of prosecutor Albert Nisman, the media “Ruta del monei K”, the case of Dollar Futuro, the case of Public Works on Roads in Santa Cruz, and even the case of Ciccone against Amad Boudou.

His name is also not on the list forwarded to Citizen Power.

-Macri also covered up the visit of Judge Gustav Hornos, the current president of the Federal Criminal Cassation Council. During the makrism, he shared room IV of the highest criminal court in the country with Borinski, as well as covering the vacancies in room I.

Hornos visited Olivos on two occasions. The first, on November 9, 2016, a month after the fifth visit to Borinski Macri. The second entry of the chamberlain into the president’s residence was on March 8, 2017. According to the records, he entered at 5:50 PM and left at 6:34 PM. Macrismo did not inform anyone on the list he submitted in response to a request for access to public information.

Hornos already had at least six credits for admission to Macri’s office at Casa Rosada, which recently brought him criminal charges and a request for removal from the Misdemeanor Council.

He intervened with Borinski in the same above-mentioned cases of prosecution.

– Prosecutor before the Cassation Chamber, Raul Plee

Prosecutor Raul Plee is one of the most powerful in Comodoro Pi and met in Quinta de Olivos with Macri and the then head of AFI – who is now being prosecuted for illegal espionage – Gustave Arribas. The meeting was held on March 23, 2018.

Plee intervened in key cases such as prosecutor Albert Nisman’s appeal, the Future Dollar case, the farce photocopy of notebooks, the deletion of the Indalo Group and the investigation into illegal espionage (in which prosecutor Carlos Stornelli and Lomas de Zamora were involved). to Comodoro Pi).

-Numbers 1 and 2 in the newspapers Clarin, Ricardo Kirschbaum and Ricardo Roa

K ° 1 from Clarin, Ricardo Kirschbaum, was in Quinta de Olivos on July 24, 2017 and April 5, 2019. The first meeting, which lasted between 13:35 and 15:50, was supposed to be included in the list that Macri gave, but it was not there. The second was after the material was delivered.

For its part, Ricardo Roa, no. 2 newspapers, entered the Olivos residence on March 3, 2017. His visit was also not reported. when the list was delivered to Poder Ciudadan.

Nor do they appear on a list of trout given by Macri, La Nacion reporters Joaquin Morales Sola (entered Olivos a dozen times),, Carlos Pagni and Diego Cabot. Clarin’s journalist Nicolas Vinazki, who has stayed three times, is also conspicuous due to his absence. On the contrary, Yes, Luis Majul and Jorge Lanata were reportedAlthough it is not specified how many times they entered or when they went to see.

As for chambermaid Mariano Llorence, as well as businessmen Paolo Rocca and Fernand Saguiero, the main shareholder of La Nacion, they visited Quinta de Olivos in 2019 after receiving the trout payroll.

Citizen Power proposal

On January 29, 2019, the NGO Citizen Power reported that, following its persistent requests to the Macri government, “in December 2018, the Access to Information Agency ordered the General Secretariat of the Presidency to provide Citizen Power with a copy of Quinta de Olivos’ income records.” But on that occasion, the Secretariat of the Presidency, commanded by Macri’s right-hand man, Fernando De Andreis, “He only gave a list of names and surnames people who would visit the Olivos presidential house at some point without any other explanation. ”

The NGO examined the material because “The list does not show: the date of entry into the residence, the number of entry of each person, the time of entry and exit, nor the reason for the visit. All this information is part of the register and should have been provided by the government. “

He also pointed out that “the list is incomplete since it was determined that there were no people who actually visited Quinta de Olivos and that it was spread by various media at that time. ”

Among other issues, Citizen Power pointed out the “striking and worrying” situation at the time, because when the Macri government was asked for a copy of the same records, but corresponding to the period of the previous government (NdelR: ie Kirchnerist), they did not in the question of whether this is sensitive information or not, and did not raise any objections in this regard. “Even on that occasion, information was provided about the first months of President Macri’s administration,” they said.

“Despite the fact that the Agency for Access to Information has confirmed Citizen Power’s right to access the requested information, they still refuse to publish it,” he closed his statement in early 2019.

If you get a trucho registration, Citizen Power has filed a lawsuit before the jurisdiction of the administrative lawsuit, which in the end won this week as well you got the same material you accessed Discovery through requests for access to public information.

Faced with the scandal that caused the spread of “Operation Olivos”, the attempt to defend Clarin and Cambodian leaders was that the registration of entering the presidential fifth was public and that we should not be surprised by the meeting of journalists with the agent. It is true that the level of visits that Macri had at the presidential residence is not frequent. For example, it is very difficult for this sector to be able to defend the revenues of judges and prosecutors to Olivos.

The context of the visit cannot be ignored: During the macro-trial, a lawsuit was launched against an opponent who had the support of the hegemonic media and intelligence services. Well stuff, Why did Macri submit a list of trout when he was forced to communicate it to an NGO? The omissions in which he committed only show the importance of those encounters which, apparently, they tried to hide.

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