Monday , March 20 2023

Marcelo Gallardo decided not to give more press conferences after the match: reasons


Marcelo Gallardo at a press conference
Marcelo Gallardo at a press conference

It became known in the last hours an unexpected and drastic measure taken by Marcelo Gallardo started the last part of the tournament. The technical director decided there are no more press conferences after the matches of the Professional Football League.

Motives? Virtuality. The coach, as has been evident in the past, does not feel comfortable because of the new modality that manages the local tournament due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Currently, journalists should send a message with their questions and the press officer reads them, so that the Puppet answers them later. This way, DT does not observe the person’s face and movements at the time of consulting with him about situations in the game or squad.

It is worth noting that this measure will not be applied to pre-matches, since they depend on the club, which has had a face-to-face manner for some time (with mandatory distancing, use of a chin strap and other appropriate care).

Not everything that is virtual will be done right now. Yes, press conferences will be held in Ezeiza, we have a modality that we can do with the people present. As it has not yet been approved to do that with journalists in the Professional League, a decision has been made not to do what is virtual anymore “, they explained Infobae from the club.

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