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Mart Cap was questioning the police

The crowd gathered yesterday, after 17, at the intersection of the columns and general Pazova avenija to participate in the 12th of March MDLG, convened by the Youth Collective and various groups of human, social, trade and political rights. With the slogan "Terrorism is the state, not the one next to you", they demanded the interruption of "repressive politics and the police persecution of children in the neighborhood", in addition to refusing a simple trigger and challenging that it was a "state policy".

The collective call "Come 12" gave the initial signal, and the head of mobilization began to move between the bells of murgas, artistic interventions, colored rockets and traditional stickers with young people who had been killed by police forces.

Murgas gave a frame of celebration that always has a march. (Jose Hernandez)

"Here we have occupied the street again, lifted our history and set off along with our struggles. We shout once again very loudly: the exit is collective," the organizers said during the march.

It was the first time that Capa was made in the most important cities of the country at the same time. Mobilization had replicas in Rosario, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Tandil and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

In Colon and in general Pazu, posters are placed in height. (Jose Hernandez)

In addition to the members of the Youth Collective, in Cordoba, members of the co-ordinator of the victims of light mobility activists and Viviana Alegre, the mother of Facundo Rivera Alegre, spoke. There was also Monica Alegre, the mother of the young Buenos Aires Luciano Arruga, who disappeared for five years and was found dead in a symbolic case involving allegations of police abuse.

"We continue to fight for children, for their rights, they are the victims of fierce repression across the country," he told La Viviana Alegre. Mobilization ended with a multitude of procedures in which he read the consolidated document, and later various music bands.

Two young faces were arrested in the devoncentration. The leader of the group was managing their release at the end of this edition.

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