Friday , August 12 2022

Mauricio Macri asked the governor of Cambiemos in Buenos Aires to "go out and look for people in spite of difficulties"


"Mauricio (Macri) must be very concerned about the poll because he invited us to lunch and served us for frying, "said the mayor from a conurban who knows that Olivos guests are hungry. And not just that. The waiters also served high-quality Malbec, although few encouraged them to try it out, as the president is not only strict on eating but also for drinking.

The invitation to the mayor of Cambiemos in the province of Buenos Aires was held at 12.30, they went to the cinema on 13 and 13.15. message to ensure its continuity in the formula. They were recorded first, and then they sat down to eat.

The meeting was requested by the president himself to activate the campaign in Buenos Aires, in a complex scenario for a critical economic situation, which is also reflected in surveys, where Vida – following Macri in a unique election – loses in all scenarios.

With the same thought, tomorrow, in San Miguel del Monte, the president and governor will meet in 12 with a group of "immigrants", leaders who in the name of the coalition will go to challenge the districts administered by the Peronist opposition. . More than 50 leaders are expected, including those who will compete in La Matanza, Florence Vareli, Almirante Brovn, Esteban Echeverria and Hurlingham.

"Let's not be ashamed of who we are, let's go and look for people despite the difficulties, let's put our breasts on this, "he said at the end of lunch, which began with the words of Vidal, and then continued with the comments of Mayor Kilmes, Martinian Molin, Vicente Lopez and recently appointed Buenos Aires President PRO, Jorge Macri, Deputy the governor of Salvador and the mayor of the interior who could not yet be identified and who, as it turned out, was the most criticized in the present situation.

Personally, Macri talked with Vidal to ask him to make both calls, searching for a real bathroom with the army itself and aware that they are going through difficult times in the territory, where the hardest criticism of the recession moment is severely affected. For today's lunch, the presence of 69 Cambiemos intendants was expected, but the one from Mar del Plata, Daniel Arroio, was not present because of the differences he had with the provincial government, nor because of Pinamar, Martin Ieze, who left him on a honeymoon.

Prior to lunch, the leader who spoke with Infobae said that both meetings were part of a normal program aimed at "organizing energy for the campaign". For the other, on the other hand, it is almost apology from the president in front of those who wear the colors of Cambiemos in the province Buenos Aires, which today will carry out a campaign with great difficulties and little advantages, although they are pro-government. "Today we are losing all the research, even in the most optimistic", say that again.

The intendant went even further: "Since Rosada has sunk into a conurban, so, we can not do much to do it". In their vision, they abandoned the struggle against Peronism in the most populous districts and are only interested in taking the necessary percentage so that Macri could re-elect, without securing the victory of the governor.

Other opinions are more optimistic. "The truth is that things can be better and always the national government has privileged relations with the governors of Peronista, not Vidal, but still has time, you should not give anything for the lost. In addition, we were always better when we were lagging behind, "said another communal boss in the suburbs.

It happened that Macri wanted to hear what the intendants say and who wants to become it. And you will need a lot of patience because It will only be regret, because the only truth is reality and it is irreverent", although at least for lunch today, has not been confirmed.

The meeting that took place today will in fact be held on Thursday afternoon. And with "No Earth," today. But afterwards Macri preferred to leave more hours to be in Jujuy, to hold a deeper dialogue with Governor Gerard Morales, whom he regards as a good advisor.

It is that the connection with radicalism concerns the president and, in fact, the implementation of both meetings with the mayors of the Province without Vidal has confirmed who will follow it in the formula to compete for re-election. Everything would indicate that it would be Salvador, but it is not yet defined because it is a political team The governor hopes to define the situation in some districts, as is the case with Avellanedawhere Vidal wants to compete without prisoner Gladis Gonzalez and radicalism want PASO to position speaker Luis Otero.

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