Tuesday , January 31 2023

Mauro Caiazza's gentle and romantic message to Jimenne Baron: "I want to love you and take care of you every day"


The bitter taste must continue to hold in them they were one step away from being champions in Dancing, after a solid final against Sofia Morandi i Julian Serrano.

Mauro Caiazza He used the day after thanking everyone who followed him in the competition, but especially to return to reveal his love Jimena Baron.

"And to you, @ Baronjimena, what else to say I love you to heaven. You are a wonderful person and a huge artist. I thank you for being so kind, that you have shared your life with me and for all the love you give me. I want to love you and take care of you every day and that we are always happy", the words were dedicated to a woman he fell in love with as a couple on the most famous trail in the country.

"Sweet, sweet and good. You are everything, my love. I love you, "she replied, in accordance with the commitment of his dancer, who also had a special recognition for his coach, Matias Napp.

"Mother Napp, you are number one, you have a lot of talent, you are learning great and you have a style. But the energy you carry is unmatchedIt's a great gift that makes you look great in a special way. I thank you from the heart for everything you have taught me and made me grow, "he wrote next to the photo he saw next to them.

Of course, as expected, all of his followers have highlighted a wonderful couple who together form with a singer and actress, and they complimented the praise and good wishes for both of them.

It is important to remember that, although they did not touch the issue of marriage, a few days ago they suggested that they have a child during one of the last galaxies Dancing. Will there be weddings 2019?

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