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Miracle? patient brain tumor disappeared before surgery


November 14, 2018 – 10:16
The doctors are confused. Paul Vood is a believing man and there is no doubt that his recovery was "God's work."

A malignant tumor of the brain disappeared before the patient started treatment. For him, this is a "miracle" that gave him a second chance in life. For surprise doctors in California, the United States, it's a mystery.
Paul Wood, believing a man from the city of Lodi, told what was a "miraculous" recovery for him. Sometimes he noticed that something was wrong with his health. "He had constant headaches," he told CBS Sacramento, adding that the situation prevented him from "walking down the passage without pressing against the walls".
Then Paul addressed the doctor. So he is referred to a neurosurgeon in San Francisco. At first they thought it was brain pain, but radiologists discovered signs of tumor.

The doctors informed him that he had to have an operation. A very nervous Pol has invited his friends to social networks to pray for him. "My phone exploded, my Facebook was a prayer after prayer, all over California," he said.

The day before surgery the operation was canceled because the tumor disappeared. For Paul, "this is a miracle", which happened because of his faith and the prayers of his friends. "That's how God planned it," he said.

On Facebook, Paul published a tomography that they did in July at the hospital and wrote: "If you do not believe in God and think that he does not do miracles, explain this. The tumor has disappeared and doctors can not explain it, they agree that it is a miracle." Indeed, according to local media, doctors are convinced that I can not explain how the tumor has disappeared. "We are testing and we have medical technology and we are trying to conclude, but sometimes things happen that we can not explain," said Dr. Richard Iee.

According to RT, the experts asked Pavel to volunteer to participate in investigations into his case.

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