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Mummified bodies of mountaineers were found buried in a Mexican volcano


The mummified bodies of three climbers, which disappeared 59 years ago at Mexico's highest volcano, were restored by a military unit.

Three bodies were found at the Pico de Orizaba volcano, the highest peak in Mexico at 5610m above sea level, located in Veracruz and Puebla.

Local media reported that the bodies were first found in 2015, but attempts to find corpses were unsuccessful so far.

The unit responsible for the rescue mission was the Escuadron 303 unit.

Escuadron Commander, Jose Luis Pablo, told the local television channel Foro TV: "We are satisfied with the achievement of our mission."

Crude weather conditions initially made it difficult for the helicopter to recover bodies that were located near the top of the mountain, but another attempt to recover the same day was successful.

The case published international titles on March 1, 2015, when a group of climbers came across mummified bodies near the top.

Luis Espinosa, a 81-year-old mountaineer, claimed that the bodies belonged to three of his climbing friends buried in an avalanche during the 1959 expedition.

Three climbers were the only reported missing in the avalanche, and Mr Espinosa claimed to recognize one of his T-shirts and a ring with one of their initials.

According to Mr. Espinosa, two rescued bodies belong to Enrikue Garcia Romero and Juan Espinosa Camargo, both are living relatives.

It is believed that the third body belongs to Manuel Campos Reyes, who reports that there are no live relatives.

DNA testing will now be used to officially identify the body, according to reports.

G. Espinosa said he had tried to recover the bodies of his friends earlier.

"We knew where the bodies were. In 2016, I sent a special expedition and checked that there were three bodies," Espinosa said.

"Thanks to the ring, we knew they were my three friends, because of the rings with the initials Juan Espinosa Camargo."

He added: "It's a relief because this feeling of inability to save and recover them was a continuous concern for me.

"Today I was released from them, rest in peace."

Three bodies are currently under the care of prosecutors working for official recognition.

This article originally appeared on the Sun and was reproduced with permission

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