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Nahir Galarza confesses to Marian Fabbiani: "Fernando could have avoided everything" – May 15, 2019.


Nahir Galarza He spent his days in the security pavilion of the Women's Prison in Parana, after he was there convicted of murder would be Fernando Pastorizzo. There, a 20-year-old girl gave her the first television interview after the sentence.

With Marian Fabbiani, Galarza counted details of his relationship with Pastorizzo and described his stay in jail. In addition, he again confirmed that he was a victim gender violence.

"I heard her say the words I never thought I could say," the host explained. Marian's diary.

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In the interview, a convicted woman wore a pink shirt and flat hair. In the first fragment, Galarza said that on the day of the murder "I could not react, I did not know what was going on, I did not fall".

Nahir Galarza, before the crime of Fernand Pastorizza.

Nahir Galarza, before the crime of Fernand Pastorizza.

"What did you think?" Ask Fabbiani. "Nothing, I did not have anything in mind … If you ask me how I came to my house, I do not remember," said a young woman, who explained that it was "a ball of nerves". "I became aware three months after Fernando died", he added.

"It seems to me that you repeat that Fernando" died, "as if it was a natural death," Fabbiani replied. "The one who was accidental or not, the reality is that there is a person who died," was the answer. After that, he explained that he did not want to think about the last picture he had about Pastorizzu and kept silent.

Quiet breaks and views were repeated on different occasions: "They communicate more than words," he added.

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"We should not have seen that day, (…) the story would be the opposite," says Galarza. Then he clarified it "Think of Fernand." "I feel guilty, because above all that happened, he was a person and he was almost my age," he explained. But he explained: "If I felt responsible for what happened, I would say no.".

Galarza warned that skills do not tell the truth. "Fernando could have avoided everything", he claims.

Nahir is at the trial where she was convicted.

Nahir is at the trial where she was convicted.

On July 3 last year, Nahir Galarza became the youngest woman sentenced in the country to life imprisonment for the crime of "worsening murder" by the couple. The sentence is not yet strong and depends on the decision of the Criminal Court in Parana.


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