Sunday , April 2 2023

NASA: "dolphin" fights Jupiter's clouds, Juno is shooting an incredible photo | Space | Science | Technology and science


Scientist Sean Doran published a series of spectacular images of the upper layer of cloud on his Twitter account Jupiter , where you can see an illustration similar to that of a dolphin that crosses the ocean waves.

Doran managed to get these original photos using the data from the space probe Juno of the OUR. "Dolphins swim in the sky of Jupiter," a scientist wrote this week on his Twitter account with images.

This week, the US space agency has released yet another impressive landscape image with "magnificent windy clouds" formed in a moderate belt in the far north Jupiter.

(Source: RT in Spanish)


It is the fifth planet of the Solar System and is named after the Roman god Jupiter, the Zeus of Greek mythology.

That's part external planets. That's the biggest one solar system with a mass of 318 times greater than Country. Its volume is 1317 times greater than Earth.

That's a gaseous planet which is mainly composed of hydrogen and helium.

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