Thursday , September 29 2022

next year this category of butchers will be eliminated


The category of "veal" disappears from the gondola and butchers with a new typing system that the Agro-Industry Secretariat will apply from next year.

As foreseen in the middle of the year, from January 1, 2019, a new cattle and cattle breeding system will come into force, including tensile parameters combined with the weight of the animals. There will no longer be a category of veal or veal, which will be replaced by a light fighter and junk, weighing up to 390 kilograms.

This system tries to demystify that the quality of beef is associated with the need to sacrifice a very young animal.

The new method indicates that slaughtering establishments should start the registration of animal teeth in order to identify categories 2D (up to two permanent incisors), 4D (more than two and up to four permanent incisors), 6D, 8D and + 8D (eight permanent trunks with wear).

In this way, for example, special cows begin to categorize as "young" (six teeth) or "adults" (more than eight teeth) and then subcategorized as "light" (up to 430 kilograms) or "heavy" (more 430 kilograms).

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