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Pampita discovered the very high price celebrated by his novels: "I'm not allowed to try and fail"

The model with which the relationship has just begun Mariano Balcarce, they talked about their courtship. Video.

Pampita discovered that fame violates his romance

Pampita visited PH Ve Can Speak and he spoke about his famous romances and the price of fame. Goddess with whom she maintained public relations Martin Barrantes (with whom he had a scandalous divorce), Benjamin Vicuna, Pico Monaco and currently paired with Mariano Balcarce, explained why he blew his new love, a month after he was separated from the extestist.

"It's difficult because it would happen if it says" I want to meet him for six months, then I go out and say. "And I can not. I can not go to eat in a restaurant, or in films, to kiss him in a public place, or to hug him, not to say it. I'm not allowed to have this profession and to be so exposed. I do not have time for any normal couple to meet someone for a long time, then give statements. statements from the first day, from the first photograph, and I'm not allowed trial and error when it's the most logical thing in the world that someone knows, "p CEO of the cycle Andi Kusnetzoff, for Telefe.

"I've already tested all the systems that were and were. Curse someone ten months after he entered the hiding section, a morbid thing, somebody helps you, he has to deny, says," It's my friend "; I've already tried everything and did not work because it's the same. Well, now I tried to say "yes, it's true" from the first day pretending to be a tension lower, but for now it has failed because they are following us. He continued the model.

"The normal thing is that if someone is alone and knows someone and connects and things happen to you and that person makes you feel safe and keeps you in. I believe in my intuition, I have played very well in relationships, I do not do anything in half And if you feel that, it says, I do not see why it's wrong to say it. Love is very nice, if you feel it, you have to say that, "Pampita concluded.

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