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Pet Cordoban, closer to the oral trial


Five corporate businessmen could be caught yesterday orally, which could happen in mid-2019, as they were part of the alleged bribe-making network for getting jobs during the Kirchner administration.

The Chamber of I of the Federal Appellate Court in Buenos Aires has confirmed the prosecution for the alleged payment of bribes to employers Gerardo Ferreira (Electroengineering), Aldo Roggio (Benito Roggio e Hijos) and Juan Carlos de Goicoechea (Isoluk), among others.

This is a significant advance in the cause of the notes, which initiated the records of Oscar Centeno, the former head of Robert Barate, who was the second number of the Ministry of Planning, led by Julio De Vido.

Judges Leopoldo Bruglia and Pablo Bertuzzi also decided to lift the lack of merit dictated by Claudio Bonadio to other members of Electroingenieria: its president Osvaldo Acosta and Governor Guillermo Neira.

The Acosta case was one of the most complicated decisions of the Chamber, since it is now considered a "co-author" of the crime of active bribery, at the request of two attorneys for the case, Carlos Rivolo and Carlos Stornelli.

The prosecution has initiated and the Council has confirmed that Acosta and Neira are not "simple officers without a decision" who have fulfilled orders from their superiors, but have formed the core Electroingenieria.

For this reason, it is not a coincidence for the judiciary that they were a "contact" or a "person of trust" who was in any case responsible for executing the promised money delivery in the alleged bribery concept.

Acosta would not directly intervene in payments, but was president of one of the companies that was closest to those who led the public public administration, the ruling states.


According to the Council, the money Ferreira transferred can not be read from the simple return return for the contract, but as a "bridge linking the illegal connection with any channel could be enabled to obtain funds."

These motives have led the court to confirm custody of Ferrier in custody and to modify the legal status attributed to that unlawful association as a member and active bribery.

When he took part in the facts, the camera found that Ferreira should be considered as the "author" of the crimes attributed to him. And he left the embargo of 515 million pesos.

And Neira is charged with being a necessary participant in the criminal offense of paying bribes.

Claudio Uberti, a former member of the Directorate for the Control of Concession on the Road (Occovi), said that in 2006, De Vido entrusted Ferrei to coordinate "delivering a lot of money" in the parking lot, which he later took over at the fifth of Olivos, where President Nestor Kirchner and his wife, Cristina.

Ferreira removed the suitcase from her car, Fiat Mondeo, at the Selket parking lot, where she gave me and said she had 10 million euros, "Uberti said, according to the Chamber's ruling.

Other entrepreneurs

The panel also partially confirmed De Goicoeche, the Isoluk group, on suspicion of committing a crime of active bribery. He kept an embargo of 195 million pesos.

On the other hand, the court ruled out a lack of merit for prosecution or dismissal for the offense of unlawful association with De Goicoeche, and the ineffective pre-trial detention of Bonadio was lifted.

In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2015, they are a provisional delivery framework, which, according to justice, De Goicoechea in Buenos Aires is linked to a work contract at the Rio Turbio plant assigned to that company.

At the same time, Aldo Benito Roggio was partially prosecuted, and the legal classification attributed to active bribery was altered (for the three investigated facts) as an author.

And, as in the previous case, the lack of merit was declared prosecution or dismissal for the criminal offense of unlawful association with Rogozha, and the ineffective preventive detention ordered by Bonadio was abolished, but an embargo of 120 million pesos was retained. .

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