Monday , November 29 2021

Rapero is considering the lawsuit of Epic Games for selling his dance to Fortune


One of the most popular elements Fortnite is to offer dances that players can buy as emoticons. Many of these steps are taken from dances that have become viral in real life. Although in some other cases this would have happened as a great gift for the creators of dances, the reality is different. This is because Epic Games has achieved one million sold content for its popular Battle Roial. That's why the rapper is thinking about the lawsuit of Epic Games.

In 2014, 2 Milli, rapper best known for his success Save me, created a dance step that is now known as The Milli Rock. This movement has been achieved Fortnite: Battle Roial as part of the Battle Pass season 5 and was renamed "Swipe It". As we mentioned, the rapper did not like his dancing to appear Fortnite without giving him a loan or some kind of compensation. So you are thinking about starting a legal process.

"Everyone told me:" Hey, your dance is in the game. "Actually, they are selling that particular movement, for sale. When I knew it, I thought I could not stay that long," said 2 Milli in a conversation CBS Nevs.

So, although everything suggests that 2 Milli is trying to legally get some kind of compensation, the reality is that the case seems complicated. This is because, although there are copyright laws relating to items such as music or art, the same can not be said about dance steps. This is because the United States Patent and Protection Office (over Business Insider) believes that the registration of a dance step would be the application of colors or words. So, this is a complicated case, but who has the potential to set a precedent.

It is important to note that Epic Games has not made any comments on this until now. After all, we will closely monitor the case and let you know when we learn more about it.

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