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San Juan: "My father and my brother raped me for years, and my mother never believed me," said Ana Paula

San Juan:

"My first kiss was with my father," he convicted the girl who handed the case to the court. They are seeking 22 years in prison for this man, 20 for his brother and 12 for his mother, for "alleviating sexual corruption".

Ana Paula was nine years old when she began to suffer terrible visits to her father in the middle of the night. Today, ten years later, he says that he never had a normal childhood, that his life was to resist daily abuse and sexual abuse of members of his family and that there is practically no memory of happy moments. So now he seeks justice. After nearly a decade of subordination, she realized that the time had come to say enough and that, along with her boyfriend, on 26 January 2017 filed a lawsuit against her father, brother and mother.

Since then, the San Juan San Francisco Chamber and Chamber has moved forward with the case and is currently evaluating members of his family for sexual abuse with a physical approach to difficult relationships and complicity and juvenile corruption. This week appeared in courts and could link his temptation with the media. "At 9, my dad began to abuse me. I had my first kiss with him. By the age of 12 I lost my virginity with my brother. They used every opportunity for loneliness. In 15 I got pregnant and my mother gave me pills and many things to break, "he said bravely in front of San Juan cameras.

In her heartfelt testimony, she indicated that in 7 years her parents forced her to work with them. "We made uniforms and shoes." We looked like a normal family, but they were psychopaths. "Two years later, the abuse of his father began, first night visits, while she slept, woke her up every night, and then forced her to do oral sex." Ana Paula told her mother what was happening "but she never believed. "

The woman also did not want to do anything when she had sexually harassed her husband with her daughter in front of his eyes. Ana Paula clearly remembers that night: she was 13 years old, her mother left, and her father took advantage of the situation and fell on her. "He did not hear Mom coming back and when she saw her, he gave me the incentive to fall asleep, she saw him naked and asked him what she was doing. He told him to look for a short one." Here he is, "she showed him." The next day, she asked her daughter what had happened. "I told him earlier and he did not believe me, so I was scared and I denied it." I thought that if she does not help me again and find out that I told her … Today I do not think she should talk to me, but with him.

Ana Paula still can not understand her mother's attitude and even less reaction when justice came: "I really did not think that my mother would support them, because it was true that I loved her and always followed him, as much as she did everything what she did to me, as if she was giving me the pills (to quit). I forgave her and gave her another chance, but she still loves the love of her life, "he says.

A young woman admitted that she raped her father and her brother three times a week, and that was when she was 15 when she had the worst moment: she was pregnant. "When I found out, I told Mom and then she started giving me things for an abortion. She gave me vaginal pills and I drank tea with cinnamon every day, but nothing helped because pregnancy progressed.

"Then I had to tell Dad, the only thing he told me was that he was lucky because at that time he had the money, so he wanted to make an abortion. When we went to the doctor, the doctor refused to practice him and were angry Finally, when I went to do an ultrasound, it was known that the baby was dead and that I had a kiretta.

In order to prevent something like that from happening again, Ana Paula was forced by her mother to take contraceptives and even put the IUD to make sure she was not pregnant. She said that her mother even accused her of causing her father and brother abuse.

In the team, Ana Paula found her rescuer. His name is Miguel, and he was his boyfriend for two years. After meeting her, the boy became her trustee. "There was help, pillar, everything." He always told me that I had to do something, because I can not live like that. I told him that I would leave home when I turned 18, but he thought I would not be able to go. He insisted that I file an appeal. Today I'm thinking about it and I see that he is right, because if he went, I would not have anywhere to go and I would go back to that hell. He helped me, he followed me.

Two years after that morning, when he filed a complaint, the cause was almost defined. Judge Benedicto Correa admitted that the girl did not lie, ordered three suspects to be placed in the prison and tried them preventively: men (now 50 and 22 years old) for sexual abuse and sexual intercourse and juvenile corruption. And her mother, who was 43 years old, to alleviate sexual corruption of her own daughter, as explained in Diario de Cuio.

Her boyfriend, girlfriends, psychologists who interviewed her, medical history, admitted to the hospital to get a kiretta, evidence that she was taken to carry IUDs and other tests, seriously complicate the suspects.

The prosecutor asked for 22 years in prison for his father, 20 for his brother and 12 for his mother. The defense, in charge of Filomen Noriega, sought the acquittal of three indictees who claim that a young woman wanted to detain a family house and therefore she said she was abused.

"I want justice, they (for the accused) do not deserve to be free. Just like they, there are others who look like good people and in reality they are huge, but you do not understand it," Ana Paula insists she hopes once and for all The nightmare begins to hold back in the past.

"I want to be calm, I want justice to be done because I was tired of suffering, from living things that I really did not have to live. Because I did not have childhood and my adolescence is practically also ready to go and wondering what I enjoyed in my life, your past and nothing.

While waiting for the definition of the trial, a young woman tries to shape a more harmonious life, although at first it was not easy to bury her story: "I had uninterrupted nightmares, my boy embraced me and said that everything happened. I went to the psychologist and prescribed the ball. I was with her all the time, little by little (bad things) and left, which made me a strong woman that I feel today. "


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