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Santa Claus who defeated Mauricio Macri at Casa Rosada with a scarf from River – 12/22/2018


As in the last three years, the president Mauricio Macri last Friday is a traditional toast at the Casa Rosada in late 2008. Accompanied by the first lady Juliana Avada and his daughter Antonia, the president took into account 2018 and called "charging batteries and batteries".

"This was a year of hard work, many challenges, there were some difficult moments through which we had to pass, and in the end we knew that there are great challenges ahead, but we feel and hope to share these challenges we have overcome," he thought Patio de Palme decorated for this occasion.

However, the greatest attention was not focused on the president, but on the president Santa Claus who followed him. With more stringent pieces than last year and with serious and hostile face, The Christmas figure generated jokes in social networks.

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Meme on "Santa Claus Serious" for Casa Rosada.

He even dared to chicane Macri in one of the most sensitive aspects for the president: football. "They dressed me in River, president"He noticed when the head of state compared his wife's clothes with the Santa Claus suit."

Person in charge of symbolizing symbols for Christmas in Balcarce 50 is Horacio Vai, an actor with more than 30 years of experience – mostly in the theater – and, paradoxically, is related to Kirchnerism. "I did not have contact with Macky, but to shake hands." I do not share it with him, I did not vote"He revealed in an interview with El Destape, the portal of ultra K journalist Robert Navarre.

Vai said that the official sources contact him after seeing his appearance at the Galerias Pacifico shopping center. "They saw me there and suggested that I be Santa Claus with Presidential Health, but." I thought they were fucking meHe said.

Memes o

Meme on "Santa Claus Serious" for Casa Rosada.

The actor explained the reason for his serious gesture while the speaker spoke. "He was talking about things, and I was angry, because I did not laugh anythingHe said. And he concluded: "Laburo and I have to pay rent, electricity and gas; my face said everything ".

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