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ShovMatch: Bittersweet Evening for Cinthia Fernandez, a romantic moment with her boyfriend, but she confirmed her ex


Cinthia Fernandez played Pennivise, an clown of IT Credit: credit: LaFlia Press

No doubt one of the most original choreography of free rhythm in

2018, is the one he chose

Cinthia Fernandez
and his team. Bet to present it in a rhythm
IT, the classic book by Stephen King. But before dance,

Marcelo Tinelli
It took us a few minutes to talk to Matthias Baclin, a boy from Cinthia who was on the floor. A driver, loyal to his ritual that is common every time there is a couple present, asked them to give each other a kiss, and from that romantic way the dance began.

At the time of his return, Angel de Brito asked Fernand whether it was true that he would sue his father's daughter for maintenance, and she confirmed: "I am alone with everything, I have a hard time, but he does not comply with the minimum, so the lawyer decided to make a food judgment, I'm not coming to tell him about him, but it's hard. "

As for the number, Angel commented that he liked the picture: "He was a dancer, he was aerobics, he was acrobatic, the story was very clear, she realized as perfect, guys, greeting cards" (10). Laurita Fernandez stressed that the participant made a very risky number, adding: "It's been a lot of years of studies and injuries, it was a big challenge, I like it visually" (secret voting).

Florencia Pena, before she scored, said Cinthia to see her as an excellent mother, the words that moved the participants. Then he started back and commented that everything was brilliant and gave him a "nice moment" (10). In the end, Marcelo Polino was angry because he said he did not like to see Cinthia "jump like a frog", because although it does make it perfect, she wants to see her in another dance role (8).

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