Friday , August 19 2022

SimBad: A malicious code that infected hundreds of Android applications with 150 million downloads


More than 200 Apps & # 39; Android phones available in the official Google Play Store contain malicious code potentially very harmful, according to the Israeli computer security company Check Point.

This is & # 39; advare & # 39; – It is a program that automatically displays different types unwanted advertising– They are mostly present in games that have already been accidentally downloaded 150 million times

Specialists called it SimBad, because a significant part of the infected applications belonged to the category simulators.

Apparently, the creators of this malicious code put it into the software development package (SDK) that was widely used and available in the Addroider's resource, thereby misleading app developers for guests.

Once installed, SimBad is connecting with control server From here, you get various instructions, such as hiding an application icon to make it more difficult to uninstall.

Then the program starts to play ads in the background of the screen and even can Access any URL from the device browser. This last feature is particularly dangerous because it enables SimBad creators to install any additional software when they want to.

Therefore, experts warn that, although it is designed as a tool for publishing advertising content, it has the right infrastructure to become a much bigger threat.

It is detailed that access to infected applications has already been limited at this time. However, according to the ZDNet portal in January, it seems that makers of malicious codes avoided It's getting easier Google Play Store Security Controls.

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