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"Since January those who have a hangover do not play" – 21.12.2013


Marcelo Gallardo is hungry for fame. The nine titles he won at this stage in the river and the last Copa Libertadores, luxury delicacies, did not take away the desire to continue to seek glory. On the contrary. He is determined to go further and this mental character that characterizes him drives him to keep looking forward. "In 2019, he will see the same unbearable last few years, with more gray hair, even darker circles, hoping to continue to grow as a coach and manage good teams of players and good people." He expressed a smile at the question of which version of Dollk will be visible next season. And, according to pure enthusiasm, he continued to talk about the future and set guidelines for the coming river.

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What is a recipe for motivation? It's easy "January 6th we go back and there is not much time, we have 10 days for rest, recovery of batteries and we are starting again. We can not agree. What is clear is that from that day on, the mammoth of what has been achieved will not begin to play. So it was always and they realize that "he said openly. Then he added: "There is always more. We want to see if we can hold the competition after so many important achievements. We come to the semester with lots of games in the first few months and we have to prepare. It's not easy to compete and maintain. That's a big challenge. "

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"Anyone who has a hangover for what has been achieved will not begin to play"

The reality is that 2018 is not over yet. Rijeka must play for third place at the World Cup in the club and Dummi wants to finish at the podium. Although he showed his dissatisfaction with the defeat of Al Ain, Muneco counted on intimacy with his boys: "After the match on Tuesday I have a lot of fury, but I'm half an hour and it is necessary to realize that the players made a great effort. I thanked them for having, because they did not deviate from the goal. They were ready to train, with integrity, they never complained. I told them to learn from defeat and to be proud of them. Many were criticized and touched by the sky with their hands. "

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Marcelo Gallardo at the conference. MARCELO CARROLL.

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The big finals of the Libertadores video is the whole world. And when he played in Madrid, he had a huge impact, and the most powerful teams used to accompany Millo's close men. Are you afraid to lose a lot of players, Marcelo? "We hope that we will maintain a solid base and the goal will be to reconnect with the largest number of players that we need to be competitive again. Many things can happen and absolutely nothing happens. The damage is gone and the rest is not known. I am convinced that those who can have offers will have to tell me they want to leave, and I do not know if anyone will. We did not enter into a conversation with any player or made any arrangements for anyone until we find out if anyone is going. "

Gallardo confirmed that the team will be in third place

And finally, with great pleasure, he said: "Far, it's the most important title of my career. As far as the feelings are concerned, there will be no such other. If they told me I would beat Libertadores against the eternal rival, I would sign it and give a lot of things. It is not only, it will do eternal. "


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