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Start a tourist sale: five tips on how to make discounts on tickets and hotels

With suggestions designed to take advantage of the low season of tourism, this Monday begins the fifth edition of Travel Sale. Of the From March 18 to 24, various travel agencies will offer discounts on packages, air tickets, hotels, medical assistance and financing on interest-free rates.

Among the destinations with the greatest promotional benefits of traveling within the country are Iguazu, Calafate, Bariloche and Salta. Also, for those seeking destinations abroad, Brazil Offers important discounts for travel to Rio de Janeiro, Buzios, Salvador and Natal. For those seeking travel to Europe, among others, it will be used in Europe packages for Turkey, Italy and Greece, as well as flights to Madrid, Barcelona and Rome.

The event is organized by Faevit (the Argentine Federation of the Association of Tourism and Tourism Companies). In tourist sales since September 2018, more than a million visits were recorded on the official website and sales reached 292.274 million dollars, 127% more than the 2017 release.

Five tips for using bids

1.- CLook at the benefits that cards can offer or fund different banks. "We recommend forecasting and checking everything before it is selected or purchased, to know which program is being used or to see what are the possibilities of financing the bank," advised Matias Mute, creator of the Promos Aereas platform.

2.- Visit the agency sites. Many times have different prices for the same destinations and are managed by different combinations of airline companies.

3.- A strategy of cheap cheap flights. These airlines usually work together with agencies, the combination can be a good bet when looking for promotions. "What should be considered in these cases are different services that are not included, such as luggage," Mute said.

4.- Check the accumulated miles. In some cases, the rest may be replaced or purchased to reach the destination or to another origin where the price is cheaper.

5. Be flexible with dates. Experts recommend avoiding long weekends, where hotel values ​​are rising rapidly. Be flexible with the day of departure and arrival, and the airport contributes to finding more alternatives to lower costs, recommended by Avantrip.

What the agencies will offer

"In this new edition of tourism sales for 2019 fees in various banks for flights and packages with larger airline companiesIn addition, you can find offers for all products, such as accommodation, cars, activities, Disney, cruises and buses, "said Sebastian Mackinnon, Managing Director of Argentina and Uruguay. , The United States, Europe and Argentina, plus the application will have exclusive discounts.

Since Garbarino Viajes was expecting to offer packages up to 40% discount for Easter, holidays in June and May, winter holidays and low season. Too, hotels up to 55% off, medical aid with 70% discount, and insurmountable financing up to 12 years without interest for flights and cruises in Brazil.

"It has been in the last months A significant increase in travel to national destinations, we believe that this week's discount trend will be maintained"Commented Fabian Schiavo, general manager of Garbarino Viajes.

In online agency Get him they will focus on interest-free rates and short breaks to enjoy Easter and short trips to neighboring countries and other destinations, such as the United States and Europe. "It's a way to present new offers for Easter and. T A low season, in which many are waiting to travel"said Tomas Devescov, product manager Atrapalo Trips.

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