Sunday , January 29 2023

Stefi Ksipolitakis gave details of her sister's complaint against her husband


Viki Ksipolitakis was at her best emotional moment, having given birth to her first child, Salvador Uriel. However, a few days later, the former dance participant was in a tense and complex situation with his wife, Javier Naseli. Last Tuesday, Vicki called 911 in a request for help in which he stated: I am with a baby and I have crazy ones, I want to take me away. For verbal violence.

With the passing hours everything calmed down. In consultation with the episode, medità said: Ojal everything is solved. He has a good heart, we have different personality, but we do not want to wake up in the cancellation. There remains much doubt about what happened in this confusing episode? Your sister, Stefi, relate your vision of the facts in the Incorrect dialog.

"It's a delicate topic: the family, for us Greeks or at least my family, we are very intense, very close, everything is very strong, if we celebrate, we celebrate the double, if we are sad, we sued with another person, double because we do not want that the other person is wrong, "he began, saying Moria Kasna.

Then he continued: "What happened to Vicki?" My name was that night, I was there when everything happened, but I do not show what is happening to me in private life, I always do my art, I do not like to expose things personally, but hey, I'm always on the side of my sister, he called me , I tried to wear clothes, clothes for Christmas, New Year, suddenly my cell phone was ringing with Vicki's crying. "

"I went to that place, I went in and the police patrol was below, and I said:" Oh my God, something happened with my sister. "I run up and I find Vicky very quiet, with Javier, who was at the door, he said," Come, I need to talk to you, "and the only thing I did was tell the police where my sister was" newborn fan

"When I open the door, I find Vicky with the baby calmly, I talk to the police lady, I pinned the last part, who said:" I will not appeal because I do not want to have a medical repercussion, it's something that happens to me that I am very injured, I'm sad, I do not know how to deal with it, "he added quickly.

"Always about the externals are rods, because they can withstand twenty thousand things and every person is the world, I saw Javier and Vicki in a couple of situations that I saw very rarely. Sometimes it's good to put a brake if I do not know how to stop it, so the only solution was to stop it, it was a clash of things, it happened, that's it, you have to ask Vicki how he continues and why so much has happened, "he concluded.

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