Tuesday , May 18 2021

The Argentine share in Vall Street, hit by oil breakdown, has been reduced to nearly 4%

The shares of Argentina traded on Vall Street are moving in the negative territory on Friday and fall to almost 4%, within days of limited scope, as the stock market in New York will only work half a day, the day after the Thanksgiving activity.

Reduction of Argentinean works leads to Transportadora de Gas del Sur (-3.7%); Tenaris (-3.3%); and IPF (-3%). A sharp drop in oil on international markets is affected by the latter.

The benchmark benchmark index dropped by more than 4% and reached the lowest level for more than a year, despite the fact that manufacturers analyzed the decline in production to counter the global surplus.

• Vall Street

Vall Street fell on Friday due to a fall in oil prices that pulled out the energy sector, as investors are nervous ahead of trade talks between the United States and China at the G20 summit next week.

The oil companies Ekkon Mobil Corp and Chevron Corp fell 2 percent and were the main losers of Dow Jones. In the meantime, oil service providers Schlumberger NV and Halliburton Co lost almost 3 percent.

This exerted pressure on the S & P energy efficiency index, which fell by 3.1 percent, the biggest drop in the 11 main S & P sectors, which were stable or red.

Industrial Dow Jones dropped 162.7 points, or 0.7%, to 24,306.41 units, while S & P 500 dropped 11.59 points, or 0.4% to 2,638.34 units. In the meantime, Nasdak achieved 1,054 points, or 0.02%, to 6,973.30 units.

• Brazil

The main index of the Brazilian shares fell on Friday and was on its way to close Sunday, while Petrobras and Vale were among the biggest drops due to falling commodity prices.

However, Banco do Brasil's shares rose due to the expectation of the next government.

The benchmark index of Sao Paulo Stock Exchange, Bovespa, fell by 1.5 percent to 86,169.23 points, deepening weekly losses by more than 2 percent. Real, meanwhile, depreciated 0.22 percent to 3.8135 units per dollar.

Vall Street continued trading on Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday, but the session will be shorter.

Analyst Jasper Lavler of the London Capital Group has expressed concern about global growth and tensions in trade with China on the pressure on metal prices, while oil prices have affected the concern with surplus. offers and before economic prospects are worsened.

The shares of the Petrobras state oil company lost 3.7%, in line with the sharp drop in oil prices abroad, which traded at the lowest prices in 2018, and a new phase in Operation Lava Jato.

Shares of the mining giant Vala fell by 5.11 percent after the move of other shares of mining companies traded on the European market after the fall in the price of iron ore in China and other metals.

Banco do Brasil's shares rose 1.19 percent after comments by Economist Rubé Novaes, who will chair the bank during the administration Jair Bolsonaro, intends to use capital markets in the privatization process within a financial institution.

BRF shares fell by 2.67 percent, after rising to the previous two rounds, the period in which it accumulated an estimate of 11.6 percent.

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