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The Argentine team is back among us. | MundoD, Best Sports Site in Cordoba


Surely, every Cordovan fan with a clean effort would catch his head and wonder how it could be. But it was.

It was at 20:30, and there was in Taravella airport Cordoban group is waiting for the Argentine national football team, this new selection that has nothing to do with the one that failed at the World Cup in Russia.

There were people, because it is Argentina and because of the return of the national team in Cordoba after two years it produces something. It's not crazy but it creates.

But what's hard to figure out for any "wired spike" of courts in Cordoba is that It was a child wearing a Juventus shirt and number "10". Of course, with the surname Dibal in the background.

Photos by Javier Ferreira

"I'm from Juventus and fan Paula. Cordoba teams? I do not sympathize with anyone," said Jonathan, a teenager who greeted and nodded from Paul's bus.

This new era of children raised between the PlayStation and the Champions League on TV are from Duvall's Juventus or Messi's Barcelona. Not everything, obviously. However, they were the most obsessed Lautaro Martinez or Mauro Icardi in the vicinity, to mention two of the most popular.

Argentina landed last night in Cordoba and the players quickly found a refuge in Salsipuedes, the city of Sierras Chicas, which they already received in 2016.

Tonight (21) will meet Mexico in this series of two games that will continue on Tuesday in Mendoza.

Photos by Javier Ferreira

Without the predominant figure of the Messiah, Cordoban Dibal takes the scene that is the most viewed, most viewed. And also the most anticipated, because the former Institute owes its extraordinary performance. Nothing is better in your Cordoba and special days, since yesterday it turned 25 years old.

"Dibala must show, it must be a digit, it must appear," they said, at a low level, those who manage sponsorship a brand that fits into "La Joia", which is exactly what you have seen for years, and sponsors these friendly ones.

Yesterday we saw several Juventus t-shirts and some of the selections with the number "21" identifying Laguna Larga.

The players descended from the plane and picked up a collective that left them at the Orfeo Suits de Salsipuedes. The contact with the people who were waiting for them was almost zero. Looks, gestures, thumb up.

Photos by Javier Ferreira

Only Gabriel Merkado left the line for filming a picture with the family who "expelled" them from Cordoba. "We wanted a picture with Icardi, but hey, Mercado came out," said Lukas, the father of the family.

Cordoba Renzo Saravia borrowed a few seconds to talk to Cordonic chroniclers and said it was "very special" to play again in his province. It's still a little bit.

Then, the footballers went to dinner and awaited the match against Mexico.

This new option will have a Kempes stadium with a good response thanks to the fact that there were significant discounts on the cards, as the initial expectations were low.

The choice is again in Cordoba, between us, and it will be a good opportunity to complete this renovation that faces Lionel Scaloni.

The most unpleasant thing last night was a crash in front of the airport.

There was no choice, but because of a bad police organization. All reflections.

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