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The best games and new apps for Android this week


Best Android Apps of 2018

Like every Friday, and for the last time this year in 2018, which will be left, we return to this weekly section where we choose the best apps and the best Android games that have recently appeared on Google Play. There are already 63 shipments of this weekly collection, where we go to Google Play in search of popular applications and those less familiar, but in any case deserve our attention, just as their developers deserve praise for continuing to bring something new to the largest app store on the planet .

On this occasion, and as always, we chose the three best apps and the three best games for Android who arrived at Google Play on Sunday.

Best week apps for Android

MNML Screen Recorder

Apps to record the screen in Android there are many, but unfortunately some of them use his success to bomb users' ads and malicious advertising, which in the end frustrates the experience. That's not the case MNML Screen Recorder, a utility that recently came to the app store, which allows you to capture the screen … and a bit of it.

As the name itself says, is a minimalist and simple application that perfectly fulfills its function and has no useless accessories. Therefore, if you want to capture the screen of your terminal from time to time and do not need any additional tools, this is probably the best option.

APPmark 2018

Although we should not allow our results to be taken when choosing a mobile or another mobile phone, the benchmarks can be useful for measuring the gross power of our terminals. APPmark 2018 is an Android version of one of the most popular synthetic performance tests, able to measure the power and autonomy of our devices through tasks based on the normal use of users. Provides the ability to load results on an on-line comparison table so that it is possible to see the results of other application users.

Cover: Auto NSFV Scan & Secure Private Galleries

If you keep the latest multimedia content on your mobile phone, whether it's videos, images, or any type of adult file, do not worry about it. However, we will recommend you Cover, a new Android app that automatically analyzes the content of the phone in search of this type of content and hides it to avoid surprise.

According to the authors of the application, the analyzed content is never shared with third parties, but rather before In order to discover and hide the content, the training algorithms are used machine learning. Once detected, the content is stored in a protected folder and a password protected.

The best game of the week for Android


Lemmings have returned! Just a few hours ago, we warned you of the arrival of a new mobile title containing these mythical creatures, this time as A puzzle game in which our mission will be to save Lemmings at every level.

For optimal mobile experience, the game is adapted to the vertical format, so it is It's much more comfortable to play with just one hand.

RIM: Total Var

One of the most famous strategic games in history, arrived this week on Google Play. RIM: Total Var comes to Android as a port original versions of the game, which promises that our experience in using this title will be intended for our mobile phones. Yes, It's not a cheap game.

Beach Buggi Racing 2

And for fans of racing games, this week we have Beach Buggi Racing 2, the second part of this famous title with Mario Kart competitions, where we will be able to compete with other players from any part of the world in a frenetic race where it will be possible to choose between more than 40 different cars.

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