Friday , September 17 2021

The bottle improved the offer for Ramirez: San Lorenzo’s response

Xenise said that he would increase the number he offered about 20 days ago, but they rejected it again from the cyclone. In the middle is River’s interest. The player trains off the road and against turns.

Juan Ramirez San Lorenzo

Bottle in the last hours offer for Juan Ramirez, but San Lorenzo he rejected again. The new proposal was superior to what was presented twenty days ago, but it did not come too close four million dollars what they ask of Cyclone.

Offensive midfielder trains separately and against detachments due to abandoning the concentration in the pre-match against Arsenal as a method of pressure to be transferred to Xeneiz. The player argued for a salary debt that the management denied.

The idea of ​​San Lorenzo It was only necessary to sell Ramirez on the next market passes and would actually commit the footballer to find him a favorable outlet for the end of the year. Faced with this new panorama it seems irreversible, the cyclone estimated it at four million dollars.


If there was anything missing from this novel, it was the presence of Millionaires in the midst of Xeneise and San Lorenzo. Nunez Club was close to reaching an agreement on priority purchases by January as part of the negotiations so yes Augustus Battle go to the detachment directed by Paolo Montero.


Barça leadership supported by a notary public the position of Ramirez, who left the concentration of the team that was preparing for the next day against Arsenal on Saturday night. Player, after chatting with Juan roman rikuelme, would be planted.

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