Friday , May 7 2021

The Buenos Aire Stock Exchange is boosting 2.5% boosted by banks and energy

Merval index of Argentinian stock exchanges and markets rose 2.5% to 31,026.8 points, after a very marked activity ahead of the national holiday in the United States.

The largest increase was recorded by shares of Banco Galicia (7.1%), Pampa Energia (5.8%) and Banco Frances (5%); while the most important losses were recorded by Tenaris (-1.2%) and Cablevision and BIMA (0.3%).

The Buenos Aires market closed almost unchanged on Thursday the day the volume of trading declined due to the lack of an external reference on Volt Strath's inactivity on vacation in the United States.

Leading panel It grew only marginally 0.04% to 30,274.51 units. Without referring to the New York Stock Exchange to celebrate the Thanksgiving in the United States, the volume in private papers reached a mere $ 120 million, 77% less than on Wednesday.

Regarding the markets that operated on that day, the European stock markets fell to 1.3%, given the concern over the slowdown in global praise and the increase in interest rates in the US. "We will also have to wait until this Friday to see if the market in the north is functioning fully, what happened in Europe is confirmed," one agent said.

The local scenario is still dominated by high interest rates in pesos which guarantee the Central Bank and the Treasury to fight against the rapid escalation of inflation and contain the exchange rate that generates political suspicion before the 2019 presidential elections.

Specialists in the market said that the operational withdrawal would be partial on Friday as well, due to certain withdrawal inactivity after Thanksgiving, which in the national context adds a banking strike predicted by official entities.

Fixed income

In the segment of fixed income, the main government bonds listed in the pesos culminated in the majority of the increase, due to the rise in the US currency on the wholesale exchange market.

Among the most traded, Bonar 2024 and 2020 increased by 0.5%; Bonar 2018 received 0.4%; But the Discount under the Argentinean Law lost 0.3%.

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