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"The co-existence with Dartes in Simona was complicated"

Sunday, March 17, 2019. 08:39 | The actor Dario Barassi revealed in the "Podemos Hablar" program that his actor "did not stop talking" about charges against him.

In spite of being stung in the eyes of public complaints of harassment Calu Rivero, Anita Coacci i Natalia Juncos Then he came Thelma Fardin-, Juan Darthes He was one of the figures on the Simona line last year. There he shared the act, among other actors, with Dario Barassi.

Called on the PH program, Ve Can Speak, Barassi recalled days in which he not only shared a set of recordings Darthes, but also dressing room. The day he defined as "complicated" for insisting his colleague to refer to allegations against him.

"I was an actor and dressmaker with me, I'm not a confrontational guy, and I did not draw much from him, I took it out more, it was sociability, from that place, complicated, he went through all of this, but at the same time I still have 200,000 kuilombos in my life To be honest, during much of Simon's process and this cohabitation, something led me to say: "I give you a chance, I believe this guy who tells me the truth looks me in the eye", The humorist counted.

In that sense, he said: "He talked with me about this topic, but he did not ask me, he said uninterruptedly, he did not stop, because every reading was too strange, but I decided not to judge him and it was like" good, that's it , we should not talk about it anymore "".

According to his testimony, Barassi, Except the actor is a lawyer, he more liked not to rely too much on the position. But everything changed when Thelma convicted Darthes for rape during the tour of actors Ugly duckling: "It was unsustainable, we did not work together again, but I decided to break the link absolutely because I could not and I did not have the need or the obligation to share the time with it."

I look her in the eye Calu Rivero, which is also called in the cycle Andi Kusnetzoff, He said: "It was a complicated process and I listen to you, kneel and respect you, I think your position is very good and I'm glad to hear you so calmly and calmly, I share it with joy."

Calu Rivero, For his part, he thanked his colleague in words and told him Kusnetzoff why he took off his program last November, a few hours before his participation, on the day they participated Fede Bal i The Polish

"It was very simple and it has to do with respecting myself and allowing me to be where it will feel comfortable talking." I did not feel comfortable when I was talking about my character in Campanas at night, Luciana, abused by her partner, abused … We are talking about this in front of two people who, no matter what happened, were connected to that question, to me did not seem pleasant. he explained.

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