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The curse that led to the death of a member of the Scottish royal family

Marcus's daughter, a member of the Scottish nobility was found without life after having suffered an excessive dose of heroin and cocaine, A terrible discovery was made by her boyfriend.

Ladi Beth, daughter Markuis of Kueensberri He died at an exclusive party in Notting Hill, one of the most prestigious resorts where houses reach up to 25 million pounds ($ 32 million).

Beth had it they attended a two-day party in which there were all kinds of alcohol and drugs. According to eyewitnesses, the teenager had not used drugs before and even had to help her find a vein so she could inject, according to the digital version ABC.

But participants did not notice death because they all thought she was asleep as a result of consumption narcotics, but Jenan Herzos Karagoli, who called the emergency case, was released Daili Mail.

Lada Beth had a double life, because she still got it a scholarship she recognized as one of the country's top young violinists in 2016. Shortly before her death, she announced herself as a prostitute on Twitter, shows the pictures in his underwear and in addition to his "slaves", who were his clients and engaged his services as a dominatrix.

After all he was in the treatment of problems of anorexia, personality disorders and bipolarity; and according to the British tabloids, Beth's family was completely dysfunctional.

Beth or Ling Ling, as it is known, was also a marriage marriage between SirDavid and a 31-year-old Taiwanese woman, He was 72 years old and had only four children.

Despite the fact that Beth enjoyed all her services, Since she was a child, she sheltered in a violin, which was her best companion during a difficult separation process from her parents. His half-brother, Milo, committed suicide. This fact marked so much that she began to be injured at the age of 13.

Despite claims that Beth had not used drugs before, he said close sources Daili Mail it really She was drugged for 15 years, when she left the music.

At that time, he began to tend to earn money through the Skipe, and even got up to 500 pounds for his hobby.

In that moment started with cannabis, MDMA and cocaine, and in 2016 it was admitted to the detoxification center.

But this rehabilitation did not work as it continued drinking cocaine and methamphetamine, chemicals mixed with drugs prescribed by their doctors.

Since December 2017 He opened a Twitter account where his goddess Candi was called, in which he offered sexual services via a 20 pound webcam ($ 25.7) and thus maintains their dependence.

But that was not enough for her, So he devoted himself to visiting night clubs in London to find clients They could pay more than that.

Your boyfriend, He said that he was fully involved in cocaine at that time and even began to take his clients to the department which they shared

A few hours before the death, I was with several men at the Baiswater hotels. This tragic story contributes to the curse of Kueensberri, who has blamed his family for centuries, leading to unexplained deaths to his family members.

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