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The defense and justice lost in Parana and Racing was one step away from the title – March 17, 2019

The second defeat in defense and justice in the Superliga could not have come at the worst time for Beccaceca and in an unbeatable situation for Racing. As bound, overwhelmed by the contextual context (Patronato) and the general (the championship championship), he was defeated by Parana and left the tournament on a plate for Coudet and the company.

Equipment intensity up to the height of each circumstance. Place for the need to stay, the other for the dream of a champion. During the first part, at all times, what was on the cube was noticed. To the extent that there was no interference. He got more than what he played.

In those first few moments, the Beccacke Defense failed to impose a twist to the Super League, as well as an internal and external circle of games. Only Ciro Rius was the one who won his fight against Bruno Urribarri, but there was a problem: the search for air was difficult for anyone on defense and justice because of the height of the central patronage.

This and solidarity call to press and recover made things uncomfortable for Florence Varela, because the tandem half of the court with Gill Romero and Brava was always predetermined for rubbing in order to break even the slightest gestation.

There were no differences. Neither spaces. And in that sense, everyone took the opportunity to discuss any decision to judge Ariel Penel. Try to find an advantage that neither one nor the other can get.

Beccaceca and Sciacca agreed in banks to seek constant attention. Though it seemed to say that he opposed the virtues already known to the visiting team's attack teams.

The addition began with surprises. For 5 minutes, incredibly, Delgado inadvertently jumped and unnecessarily raised his hand and Penel gave a penalty. Carabajal changed him for the goal.

As if the conquest was held by him (not a party than the Super League), the defense was unrecognizable. Not only in this action, in the whole party.

Because after the goal he had no idea. They did not even arrive from the bank. Markez entered first, then Castro, but nothing has changed. Patronato never lowered the intensity, played the finals and made a mistake that would destroy the illusions of the visitors. The performance that seemed to be lost on the right side of the attack on the premises carried out at the center that redirected Martinez and which seemed to be controlled by Unsaina. However, the wrong assessment allowed Berterame to lead the goal, which was seen in Parana, but more in Avellaneda. If Racing wins Tigra next week, it will be a Super League champion.


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